3 RIFLES first English battalion granted Freedom of Edinburgh

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Nov 5, 2012.

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  2. is that "Freedom"


  3. Why no gats?? normally means "drums beating, colours flying, and bayonets fixed"..... was wee eck hiding under the table?
  4. Salmond will be gnashing his little teeth over this. Next time, bayonets need to be fixed too.
  5. Good question, well put.
    I wondered the same thing.
    Though it did occur to me that carrying rifles at the trail makes 'bayonets fixed ' a bit of a Health & Safety issue.
  6. No bayonets.

    Swords (and not fixed at the trail, for obvious reasons. )

    No colours, being a Rifle Regiment. Likewise, bugles rather than drums.

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  7. Fair point, but I didn't think they have actually had "swords" instead of bayonets with a different name since the Baker rifle.
  8. The Rifles still have swords.

    To be fair, they do look remarkably like bayonets.
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  9. Buglers still carry propper swords whilst in No1s. Not those poofy little things that the guards bands carry (SLR bayonets).
  10. The Rifles don't fit 'Swords' except on Ops. Partly re the 'not doing hte bull shit thing, and partly because in the trail (see former point) you'd be sticking your 'sword' up the guy in fronts arrse.

    Drums beating = bugles playing, which I assume they would be.

    Flags flying. as mentioned the Rifles don't have colours. Their capbadges/buckle badges (which bear their battlehonours - through the RGJ capbadge) suffice.

    I'd imagine they had a little jog though...
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  11. Yeah... but Salmond and his disciples have got ****-off great Claymores AND delusions of Grandeur..beat that!!
  12. They did, once back at Redford. Saw a Budgie doubling off the square, too, much to my delight.
  13. Spotted,

    seemed to be in the van so is he 2ic, adjt or something?
  14. Think he was a 2 i/c, CF.
  15. Pob02

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    beaten to it . .