Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Mel2446, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. Hi All

    Just joined forum, could someone remind me what the regimental colors was for 3RHA?,

    My recently purchased regimental tie is blue/cream and red, but unsure

  2. Each battery has a different colour, for their battery badge, for instance, C Bty is maroon, the regiment wear the standard RHA Stable belt, blue yellow blue
  3. I thought the regimental colours were their guns? ;)

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  4. Couldnt tie one of them round your neck!!!
  5. Pretty sure they wear a white lanyard old chap. Always glad to help.

    Civvy "what were you in?" Me "the Royal Engineers" Civvy "oh the REME" Me "shut up you ****!"
  6. Stable belt is blue with yellow stripe down the centre, same as 1RHA and one of the batteries in 7, not sure which. Battery colours dont come into the stable belt, just things like battery PT shirts and the like.
  7. Your Regt Tie should look like this

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  8. Offers SNCOs wear this

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  9. There is a nice watch strap as well

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  10. Shirley it's more like this?

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  11. Manod's right. No idea what those other things were on the previous page.
  12. They were some items of ARRSE attire which were available for sale on this site a while ago.

    The majority of people who wore such items were invariably TA, *******, cocks or all three.
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  13. Pink and Blue zig zag