3 RHA will be a light gun brigade in the future

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Jeneral28, Jul 15, 2013.

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  2. Ditto
  3. Perhaps being Donkey Wallopers they have had their Blinkers put on by the man steering the donkey cart ie. Many Donkey Wallopers do, traditionally, wear what are called "blinkers", which artificially block off their peripheral (side) vision, making them less prone to visual distractions which could surprise or un-nerve them.
  4. Any truth in this???, i thought it was one Battery within each AS90 Regt would be light gun trained for rotation through BATUK and the like!!!!
  5. This was clear from MoD publications months ago. The latest news from the Army 2020 Update published last week is that 3 RHA is paired with 105 Regt.
  6. And not 3 Para as one of their (105) BSMs was trying to convince me last week!
  7. Army 2020 Document said it will eventually be paired with 101st (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Artillery
  8. Are they taking over 39's camp?
  9. Yes they are taking over 39s Camp with 3 Btys from 39 remaining in it for a few years so should be hot bedding if not enough accommodation. So what exactly does pairing mean an amalgamation of 101 and 3rd to become what TA Donkey Wallopers Regt
  10. Come on chaps it's not that complex a document: "Pairing is shown by shaded boxes."

    3RHA will move to Harlow Hill, current home of 39RA. Not sure of the exact date but I believe this is dependent on accom for MLRS on the plain. AFAIK 3RHA will have the same establishment as all other CS Regts of 1 Bty each Lt Gun, AS90, MLRS, FST & HQ.

    101RA remain unpaired but with 4 Btys MLRS, no change to basing.

    105RA in Scotland/NI is paired with 3RHA. presumably still in light gun role.

    103RA in NW England is paired with 4RA in Topcliffe, again in light gun role.
  11. The 2020 update is at http://www.army.mod.uk/documents/general/Army2020_Report.pdf page 12 gives force troops.

    Not sure that 101 will retain 4 btys MLRS given that each AS90 regt has a MLRS bty. I read is as 101 while not paired, will provide the final 10% of establishment of AS90 regts.

    What's missing from the doc is any mention of AD, presumably because they are all knuckling their forelocks to the crabs.
  12. The Army reserve document tells you so 101--all four to be GMLRS

  13. As for AD, 16 RA are moving to Baker Bks and sharing the place with 12 RA, 106 are becoming fully HVM equipped and ditching Rapier.