3 regt in soest

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by moogee, Aug 20, 2005.

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  1. Anyone remember this sight on the way out - for another night in the Ben !!!!!!!

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  2. Fcuk me, that's bought back some memories

    I also remember painting numbers on all of the lamp posts at Salamanca in the middle of fcuking winter, in the rain, with a water soluble paint whilst on ROP's courtesy of Stan Reid

    Oh how I laughed when the cnut died :)

    Fond memories of repenting to God (who lived in the churches opposite, obviously) before heading off to the OG, Ben and Stickies knowing that I would therefore be excused for all sins whilst being a complete c0ck once I was out.

    When was that taken Moogee?
  3. Used to work in the tower at Soest in 1985 with Tony and Robby before I joined the fcuking craaaaabs. Got the job through my old man (Fat Billy). I won't apologise for the sad old tw@t. Some really good memories, rotor brake etc. Met a few fellas in NI who were ex Soest, including COS JHFNI (Nicholas) and OC 5 Regt (Venn).

    Fond memories about Soest was the fair, and being taught to drive by a top bird from the patch, (and baiting the Belgies!)

    Coincidentally, my (future) bro-in-law was REME in Soest at the same time.

    Top place, probably a housing development for gasties now.
  4. The picture was found on the same website referred to in the minden thread. There are a couple of pics of inside camp as well. Good memory of rotor brake swordsman. I remember every day at 1000 running like a madman to get in the queue before all the BATS. !!!!!!!
    Stickies, Ben, 1888 etc - where i did my growing up !!!!!! Good times.
  5. Can't find the Minden thread - any chance of a link.

    I was there 84 to 86 with 653/RHQ MT