3 Regt AAC Open Day

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sam_Fisher, Jul 23, 2005.

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  1. Blimey it was brilliant......the three miles queues for a burger, a pa system that was crap and no-one could hear, and overpriced beer. Well done the Fat Bloke in Puzzle Palace for not listening to people who had an idea what to do. Bet the civvies were really impressed with all the cake and arrse.
  2. But was there any local wimen in short skirts and tight tops? And if so, what are you doing on here at this time, shirley your tried to cop off?
  3. Glad to see that standards haven't slipped.
  4. ah fisher my big civvy friend!, if only you could get over life in the army and remember that YOUR NOT IN THE ARMY ANYMORE!, then you would know that what happens at wattisham concerns you not :)
  5. That sounds like someone who is pissed off at not getting promotion
  6. The hotchickometer was used less than the 2ic's salad spoons!!!!!!!!
  7. So is Sam a civvy then Black Pearl?
  8. With reference to the other thread on this subject, the result of the open say seems to be as expected really!:D Thought the most impressive bit of the day was the party at the end and i quote the RCMO on this "Lets get smasherooneyed!!!" :D It must be a nice feeling to have the whole regt and wives, oh and that doris from casualty!!! Laughing their heads off and cringing at your choice of words. No really it must be an awesome feeling!!! ha ha ha ha :D
  9. Casualty! I knew I had seen that doris somewhere before!
  10. We had real casulaties at a 1 Regt open day in Gutersloh. (1995 if I remember correctly).

    Master Chef and Petrol and Barbeque stands don't mix. Lots Lawyers involved.