3 RAR loses wings

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Sapukay, Dec 15, 2005.

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  1. Sapukay

    Sapukay War Hero

    Any news on when 8/9 RAR is supposed to reform?

  2. Talk about going full circle. 3RAR moved to Sydney from Adelaide in the early 80's.

    This is the first announcement by the Howard Govt on the expansion of the Australian Army with early reports of 2,000 more teeth arms troops.

    Not before time too. A country the size of Australia is not easily defended. The Army is smaller now based from a population of over 20 million than 30 years ago when the population was 16 million.
  3. Spanish

    Spanish Old-Salt

    I feel gutted for those blokes. Went on ex with them when the Govt. was making murmurs in 04 about moving them up north and taking their wings off them. The general concensus was somewhere between 'fcuk off' and 'no way'. If this doesnt send the rest of their best over the road to 4RAR I dont know what will.
  4. IrishGuard

    IrishGuard Old-Salt

  5. Spanish

    Spanish Old-Salt

    So glad I moved to the UK to join the Parachute Regiment, rather than staying in Oz to join 3.