3 R Anglian contact number?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by CJM, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    Don't suppose anyone has the contact number for these guys do they? Says the Regimental Recruiting Teams number is 01603 401879, but it didn't ring at all when I tried earlier today.

  2. Hi mate, it has changed recently to a national number: 08721000958 hope that helps
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  3. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    Fantastic mate. I take I still ring that about joining my local company?
  4. Yes of course, give them a phone now someone should be there and i'm pretty sure they will be willing to take your call :)
  5. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    You. *******. ****.
  6. You from Mature Dating uk?
  7. Hahahahahaha Welcome to Arrse :)
  8. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    No, but I think Mark might be.

    Edit: Mark, you've got an Anglian piccie on your profile, do you actually have the number?

  9. No need to be like that, if your wanting to join the Army, You should get use to little jokes
  10. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    I myself I was also merely joking good sir.
  11. No i don't i'm regular - 2 R ANGLIAN. Why not just pop into the TA centre?
  12. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    Might just do that on Friday. :)

    (Now I'm going to have to explain why "gay dating" has come up on the phone bill!)
  13. NEVER EVER believe someone when they give you a phone number on here, or at least google it first! it would of happened anyway at some point. That aside, why are you joining 3 R ANGLIAN and not the Viking's or the Poachers?
  14. That's a bit harsh on 3 R. Anglians :)
  15. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    Planning to join the regs eventually, but I'm off to Uni soon and thought I'd join the TA while there then join 1/2 R Anglian after my degree.