3 queens

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by masher69, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. is it true that they were awarded granby medals whilst in cyprus or that all personnel in cyprus got one , is this just an urban myth ???
  2. A there I was thinking you were about to tell a joke.

    3 Queens. What a misleading title
  3. I think most troops in Cyprus at the time got one.
  4. All 3 Queens got this medal, why are you wondering ?
  5. I had visions of a one liner about Jar, Legs and another!
  6. No they didn't.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    1 off 5 queens did if I recall FTRS and spent most of it loading hercs etc.
  8. Why do you want one?
  9. The ones in Cyprus did. Somehow, they missed out the Rear Party. You big whiny cowbag.

    Oh, and I got mine for being in Akrotiri.

    So many medals are a right bastard to court mount. It's cost me a fortune and I sometimes get a sore shoulder from wearing them all.

    Hope this helps.

    Dale T xxx
  10. Your correct ,loading and unloading hercs,Quite a bit of O/P work by Fire support aswell,also on a short readyness to move.
  11. Yes they did
  12. A few soldiers also went on OP Haven with the Royals and US Marines
  13. The final and definitive answer is that those who were in theatre and met the criteria (cant remember what it was) did get them - I was the poor sod that had to do all the Part 2 Orders and checking of details!
  14. Cyprus was technically within range of a scud missile; although they'd need so much fuel to get it there that there'd only be enough room in the top for a hand grenade:)
  15. Sorry,I expected a thread about Freddie Mercury,Elton John and Matt Lucas...