3 Queens info

Am trying to find out the tour dates both roulemont and residential for 3bn Queens Regt from 1973 - 1990 if anyone can shed any light I'd be grateful.

That would be Jarod, Jarod and errrr ....... Jarod.
‎Nicked from their Faceache page:

3rd Battalion, The Queen's Regiment (Royal Sussex)
1966. Formed by renaming 1st Bn The Royal Sussex Regiment upon the formation of a "large" regiment from the Home Counties Brigade
1966. Germany: Stornoway Barracks, Lemgo 20 Armoured Brigade May 67: Denmark (C Company)
May 68: Denmark (B Company)
Jun 68: Libya: St Barbara's Camp
...1 Jul 68: Renamed 3rd Battalion, The Queen's Regiment
3rd Battalion, The Queen's Regiment
1968.07.01.Formed by renaming 3rd Battalion, The Queen's Regiment (Royal Sussex)
1968.07 Germany: Stornoway Barracks, Lemgo 20 Armoured Brigade
Nov 68: Paris: Guard for 50th anniversary WW1 armistice Jun 69: Italy (HQ Company) Bersaglieri
1970.04 Northern Ireland: Abercorn Barracks, Ballykinlar 39 Infantry Brigade
1971.12 England: Lucknow Barracks, Tidworth 5 Infantry Brigade
Mar - Apr 72: Northern Ireland: Belfast and Londonderry
Jul - Aug 72: Northern Ireland: Creggan, Londonderry - Op Motorman
Nov 72 - May 73: Cyprus: Polymedia United Nations
1973.09 Gibraltar: Lathbury Barracks with B and C Coys at South Barracks
Nov - Dec 74: Kenya: Nanyuki Training
1975.07 England: Somme Lines, Catterick 24 Infantry Brigade
Oct 75 - Feb 76: Northern Ireland: Belfast (Andersonstown/Suffolk/Twinbrook)
Feb - Aug 77: Belize: Airport Camp
Late 77: Liverpool: Op Burbarry (Fire Fighting)
1978.01 England: Connaught Barracks, Dover
1979: Canada: Ex Pond Jump West
Mar - Jul 79: Northern Ireland: Bessbrook
Feb 80: Belize (A Company) Feb - Mar 80: Cyprus: (B and C Companies)
Jun - Jul 80: Canada: Wainwright
1981.04 Germany: St Barbara Barracks, Fallingbostel 1 Armoured Division
Jan 82: St Barbara Barracks, Fallingbostel 7 Armoured Brigade
Jun - Jul 82: Canada: Medman 6-7
Feb - Jun 84: Northern Ireland: Belfast (North Queen Street) Jan - Feb 85: Canada: Medman 1
1986.01 England: Howe Barracks, Canterbury 5 Airborne Brigade
Apr - Oct 86: Belize: Airport Camp
Mar - May 87: Northern Ireland: Op ‘Cara Cara’
1988.01 Northern Ireland: Alexander Barracks, Aldergrove 39 Infantry Brigade
1990.03 Cyprus: Salamanca Barracks, Episkopi
Jul - Nov 91: Falkland Islands RIC (B Company) Aug 92: disbanded in Cyprus. 9 Sept 92: amalgamated with 1st & 3rd Bns, and 1st Bn, The Royal Hampshire Regiment, to form 1st Bn and 2nd Bn, The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment.

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