3 PWRR & Kent Air Show

On my way back from the Kent Air Show yesterday, I ended up following the 3PWRR recruiting caravan and I was wondering:

1. Where did you get the caravan from and how much did it cost?
2. Was there much initial reponse from anyone? Obviously the full results won't be known for a while.

I am asking as I am thinking of having a stand for my unit at similar shows but although it would be good for keeping the TA in the public eye, I do not not want to commit the MTDs and budget if there is not much of a response.
Any answers gratefully received.
As I understand it all RFCAs have regional recruiting caravans which can be centrally booked for recruiting events of this nature. These may now be the domain of the BRAT (Bde Recruiting Advisory Team) or some other group. There should be one for your area, just bid for it, man it and return it in one piece.
Cheers I wil chase that up. However, the trailer I saw was liveried with 3PWRR, so i don't think it could be a pool caravan.
The caravan was the brainchild of the recently departed RSM. No idea where he got the funding from but hey he's the Raz Man if he wants it he gets it. And yes it is branded purely for 3 PWRR. All the soldiers bar one or two are members of the btn and were photographed doing the job on Exercises or on Ops.

Ref results wait out. If parties are interested I'll post some figures when produced.

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