3 PWRR B Company Brighton

Hi All,

Anyone here from 3 PWRR? , I am based in Brighton, so looking to join B Company.

Any more info on what I can expect would be much appreciated!



Go along and speak to them.

Good bunch of guys. If you decide to join them then you won't regret it as they're a great Regiment who take their soldiering very seriously.

Now is a great time to get in on the act as they are currently gearing up for a large Afghan deployment so all the training is focusing on that.

Expectation wise you would be looking at two initial weekends for your Medical and ADSC (Selection) and then 9 Weekends of Recruit Training at 4DIV RTC Malta Barracks followed by 2 weeks at ITC Catterick to complete the Combat Infantrymans Course. Its not easy to become an Infanteer but the sense of pride and achievement once you pass all your training is immense.
Hitman_Two_One said:
Thanks for the info, am looking to go down sometime next week to check out a drill night.

I take it you've phoned ahead? If you just rock up on a drill night, you'll probably get told to come back on an open evening.

Worth phoning up first.

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