3 points and £60 fine for eating a crust

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hescoheed, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. Daren't even get on the outrage bus unless I was a passenger, as I would be so outraged I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the road!!!!


    so my advice to you all is don't eat any sweeties, reach for that bottle of water (let alone swig from it), look in the rear view mirror to see if the kids are ok, reach for your snotwrag to wipe or blow your nose and if you are a copper don't even think about operating your personnal radio.
  2. And still the police wonder why they are loosing the support of their traditional supporters.
  3. Jobs-worth cnut, probs had either nowt better to do, just had a bollocking from his Sgt or didnt get his end away b4 his shift cus his mrs is fed up with his sh*te !! :twisted: Thats the last time i scoff a sausage an egg mcmuffin on the way to work !!
  4. I guess another example of policing being driven by statistics and performance targets. An easy target and another government target achieved - everyone feel safer?
  5. No sympathy for her really - a driver some years back was reaching for a sweet that had dropped into the passenger well and as he reached over he steered to the left and took out a woman and buggy as he mounted the pavement. And yes, people do suddenly react if they drop chicken mayo on the seat etc...

    There.. that should cause a debate..
  6. I agree and disagree as this woman was fined under different circumstances, she didnt reach for her sarnie in the passenger foot well, and didnt drip mayo on her seat. IF there was mayo type stainage on the seat then she needs to explain herself to ARRSE !! :twisted:
  7. So when I get some chewy out of my pocket when Im driving am I breaking the law?

    With all the publicised issues Mersyside has like gang violence and kids being shot on the street you'd think that office Dibble would have better things to do!

    Targets first common sense second.
  8. Apparently targets will not fall when shot at, in liverpool- but small boys will.
  9. Im surprised she wasnt Tasered !!
  10. New keyboard required!

    Sad but true me thinks.
  11. I think I'd be inclined to use the same defence as that German bloke who was nabbed for doing 120mph on the M1. He got off because he was "experienced."

    Well, I've been eating while driving for over 30 years and haven't had a problem yet. It's pouring the tea out of the thermos that I have difficulty with.

    FFS Anybody remember when army drivers weren't allocated rest stops and haverbags always contained a hard boiled egg in shell? Now that was a challenge.
  12. Eating is the same as talking on the mobile phone. Yes, she deserved to be fined (not totally happy about the points mind).

    Anything you do whilst driving is distracting you. Chomping away and obtaining food is one of them. Your hand is off te wheel for no good purpose.

    Plenty of outrage about it I know, until (as mentoned above) some dozy pillock hits someone while eating a ginsters.

    The main problem here, is that drivers are feeling unffairly persecuted by the Police. The police are seen as not tackling hte issues that are thought of as worse.

    Of course, if people DIDN'T drive like tawts, drink drive, or similar tie up the police. Then they would have the time to go after nonces and dciks like sean mercer and his mates.
  13. The real reason for this type of shit, is that the courts need money, and any old reason will do !
  14. What on earth are you talking about? Any old reason?
  15. the whole story probably isn't being told... it would be a good guess that she was maybe doing something more than eating a bit of bread and failed the attitude test in spectacular fashion.