3 peaks Challenge

As a works chariddy thing thing this year we plan on doing the three peaks, starting from scratch with a bunch of civvies!

I'm looking for a default kit list plus any hints and tips from those who have done this already. Ta much in advance
Try and get someone else to drive you as it will save you a lot of effort. Time can be saved if you call ahead on the descent so that they can get decent(ish) scoff ready. That way you can have reasonably nutritious boil in the bag meals rather than drivethrough MacDonalds.

You don't need to be too fit to pull it off, but make sure you have a range of clothing and a good head torch each for the night climb of Scafell. Other than that, a small daysack each with map, compass, whilstle and space blanket should suffice if you are concerned about safety.
not much tips needed other than common sense and basic mountain knowledge of exposure and all that. As for kit a light daysack not a bloody issue bergen like i did when everyone else had 20 liter day sacks and some decent waterproofs up ben its always wet even if it isnt raining!
Some comfy boots too; if your cheap-as-shite Magnum embassy-stormin' boots give you blisters the size of a chally 2 after one peak, you've still got to put them back on and do the other two.
All good, cheers guys, its as I thought, just common sense.
Can anyone advise what is the best order to attempt the three peaks - is it better to do them going north to south or south to north? Son and friends planning to have a go at it in June.
The normal route is Ben Nevis, Scafell, Snowdon. That provides the easier climb last combined with the shortest distance travelled by road.
jew_unit said:
Try and get someone else to drive you as it will save you a lot of effort.
Very good advice. I've completed it twice, the first time, I drove myself, it was a long, long day.
The next time, we borrowed the minibus and a couple of bods to drive it. Much better, we actually managed to stretch out and get some kip between ascents.
Thanks to all for the very helpful info. Eldest son did the Three Peaks a week ago having followed the advice herein. He completed the descent of Snowdon with just six minutes to spare - passing others still staggering uphill and blowing steam from every orifice. Seems there were a lot of people attempting the Three Peaks that weekend, many would not have made it within the 24 hours.

Now he wants to do Mont Blanc next year. Anyone got any good advice for that one?


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