3 peaks, Ben Nevis, Scafell, Snowdon 24 hours

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Rheged, Mar 18, 2007.

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  1. Am planning it for our unit this July, any advice or PXR welcome.
  2. This challenge is a good laugh!

    Don't attempt to do the driving yourself! You'll fall asleep at the wheel!

    Plan your route and start time around missing traffic (we almost didn't make it due to traffic on the leg between Ben Nevis and the Lake District.

    If you can, take someone who is familiar with each of the three mountains! You may be hiking in the dark and the weather could close in! Ben Nevis is very dangerous at the top so I wouldn't do that in the dark. When walking to the Summit of Scafell there is a blimming great drop to one side! I was very familiar with Scafell ( I'd been up it more times than John Major in Edwina Curry) so was very confident in the dark with zero visibility. I have to confess that I pretended that I was map reading! The pretty female subby in our group thought I was a mountaineering god! We all enjoy a bit of hero worship!
  3. A quick question on this. One of the guys was planning to organise a team from our end. Just wanted to know: (I have heard conflicting things on this)

    Is it a mega competitive competition for just the fitties or can us average mortals take part.

    In other words will we look a bit out of place if we're not running up the hills!! Do people train long for it or is it just a good laugh/team spirit event?
  4. Not at all. It is just a long days hill walking with a lot of driving! No fatties but definitely not just for fitties.

    Go for it!
  5. I did two and I was then verging on fattie. The secret is to get the org and logistics right so that the walkers/climbers can get rested between locations and do not have to do anything except walk/climb. We had very good comms on my 2nd and these helped with motivation from the watchers when true grit wobbled a bit.
  6. One other Q (And I know may be letting myself in for incoming on this one!!)

    Is it just a walk (No proper climbing involved) and is it some kind of competition?


  7. I've done the google thing but there's no no harm in getting the military slant, do you need to get clearance to train in the national parks, whats the best time to start bearing in mind traffic, on the mountain at night, feeding, ORP etc.
  8. As long as you take the correct route up the mountain there is no climbing just a wee bit of scrambling!
  9. Begin with Snowdon. If you can, start the walk from Pen-y-pass, up Pig Track, down Miners. I would not recommend descending Miners in the dark. Pig track can be climbed in the dark (I did it last year to enjoy the dawn on the summit) but this will take more time.

    I live in Snowdonia and climb Snowdon when I get the chance. I'm not far off 50 and can do the ascent/descent in less than three hours. If you're fit you could have it cracked in 2 and a half hours.

    On the accommodation front book into the camp at Capel Curig (assuming you're military).

    Drop me a PM if you plan a recce to Snowdon - I'd gladly host you.
  10. Ive done it twice. Once as driver / admin and once walking.

    I would advise a sensible trustworthy driver, who can be relied upon, he should be doubled up and provide admin for the walkers ( cook, map reading etc).

    The walk I believe is a good hard test of endurance and in a lot of ways I believe would be a good replacement for the CFT, it SHOULD be achievable I believe by about 70% of squaddies (walking only, no need to run or climb).

    Timings, if I remeber correctly are roughly.
    Walk Ben Nevis 5 Hours
    Drive to Scafell Pike 5 1/2 Hours (time starts)
    Walk Scafell Pike 4 Hours
    Drive to Snowdon 4 1/2 Hours
    Walk Snowdon 4 Hours ( time stops at train station)
    Total 23 Hours

    This gives an hour spare, the traffic can be a problem, as can the light. The Fire Brigade challenge rules insist on 10 Hours minimun driving.
    They also have a challenge called the 'platinum challenge' which is to complete the event in under 17 1/2 Hours. That is HARD and a good achievement.

    Hope this helps.
  11. Mistake in previous post, time obviously starts at the bottom of Ben Nevis
  12. I have also done this in the same order - Ben Nevis was a bit of a challenge in the dark (started ascent at midnight) and the times quoted arent bad - but you can do Scafell a LOT quicker (good swift walk up - easy run down).
    As said before defo have a dedicated driver, and snooze as much as you can on the drive!!!