3 Part AI Course - help needed please.

Discussion in 'ACF' started by kinnikins, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I was due to attend the first weekend for the AI's course last weekend. I was involved in a car accident and was unable to attend. Is there any way that I would be able to attend the other 2 weekends or do I have to wait until the next set of weekends?

  2. I assume you are talking about the AIC which all new intakes have to go on.

    I would advise you to speak to your County HQ about this, the first weekend is usually about IDs & documentation, information about the ACF what we do, the training program and some initial training to get you started, like M&C, drill or similar.

    If you already had military experience, you should be alright with most of the stuff except the Rifle bit which basically similar to the SA80 except the drill is different as there is no gas parts so you have to c0ck it everytime you fire, strip and assemble is different so on etc.

    just have a word with them, explain what happened and best of luck.
  3. That is correct.

    I had a chat with CHQ and apparently the training team are pretty strict with the course.

    Unfortunately I can't just pick up on the 2nd and 3rd week, I now have to wait until March for the next set of weekends to come.
  4. Is that what they used to call an ITC?, three weekends?, bah - mine was ten days in sunny Otterburn! though I am a muppet and probably needed 20 :oops:
  5. No, its an AIC (Adult Induction Course) run by county or sector. Its more of an intro than anything else.

    Mine was 16 evenings and 3 weekends. Plenty of SAA, bit of law, bit of Child Protection, red book, Bit of fieldcraft, bit of M&C, bit of drill. Paperwork and uniform issued.

    You still have to attend a residential ITC course run by your local CTT, which is usually 8 days. (2-3 days in the field)
  6. Mine was only 2 weekends.

    But couldn't attend the AITC in the summer so have to wait til next August! :(
  7. Ah my county was never that organised when I were a PI :p
  8. The ITC is good fun :D if a little intense, lots of TPs and the field is the best part of it, we did an overnight recce of the enemy location and sprung an early dawn attack on the OTC while they were still in bed, its never been done before on other ITCs I believe, its usually a bit later and slightly more "civilised" :twisted:

    This was at Barrybudden, good training area and the neigbours had a rude awakening, when we sprung our attack he he he
  9. Civilised??? You haven't met our lot! :D
  10. ok I will take your challenge Kes, I would be interested to see what your lot would do :)
  11. Hopefully gang rape you, you deaf postie c*nt.