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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by pingu823, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. Anyone who's currently in 3 Para, can they message me. Trying to find someone.

  2. There are quite a few on here but if they're slow in responding then maybe they might be dubious of your motives. You're not pregnant are you?
  3. Why dont you phone 3 para? Are they avoiding you
  4. Ha, no I'm not preggers, considering I'm a bloke

    I am just trying to find out some information about a guy who was in 3 Para but has now left. I think he joined the Royal Signals or something.

    Don't want to put his name on the board.
  5. That would'nt stop the Mortar Platoon from having its way with you.

  6. I'm 3 Para Mortars, what you trying to say? nudge nudge wink wink etc.
  8. if was still serving in 3 para, i would not appreciate any information being passed to a total stranger,
  9. Hi Jim, did you get to Arnhem? I spoke to Sam Mac in the Rose just as he got back, he really enjoyed it

    As what Jimmy says don't give any info out on here unless it's been cleared
  10. ok, how about i want some dirt on the guy, cos he's joined our squadron and he is a ******* cock. not many people like him and we want some dirt so he can shut the **** up.

    he has discipline problems, is immature and generally a gobshite.

    i know for a fact he transferred to the signals cos he was made to and not because he wanted to.

  11. Sounds like your unit has more than one immature gobsh1te :roll:
  12. yeah