Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by wannabe-rifleman, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. Bought it yesterday, cant put it down, brilliant.
  2. An excellent read, I can also recommend Green Eyed Boys. Patrick Bishop has written Bomber Boys also excellent and Fighter Boys which is on my must read list.
  3. Green eyed boys definatley rings a bell, i think i may have read it years ago. Is it about the paras in the falklands?
  4. The thing i'm liking about 3 para at the moment is how its not too complicated to follow. What i mean is im not in the army yet and i've tried to read other military books before that are crammed with army terminology and 3 letter abreviations that i don't understand and just cant follow them. However 3 para is a much ore easier and interesting read for the army novice.
  5. Damn! You'd be well and truly knacked trying to read our "Pull Up a Sandbag" then... 8O

    3 Para is indeed a Right Rivetting Read
  6. I agree, a superb read.

    I'm over here in the States teaching USMC about to deploy to Helmand and I'm telling them to read it. And the marines that have read it all think it is great.

    BUT- it should have been about 2 Para!!
  7. Who are 2 Para? :)
  8. I got 3para return to afghanistan ground truths by patrick bishop the other day...

    so far.. so very good
  9. personally i thought the book was poo, very little mput from the lads, mostly officers 'bigging themselves up' and alot of half-truths, however the money raised for the charities due to its sale is excellant so long may it contnue to sell.
  10. I saw that in the book shop, going to get that obce i've finished the first one.

  11. There wouldn't have been many pages!!!!
  12. Yeh get it. I bought it on a whim, was reading the metro on the train and there was a 60interview with an officer who was part of it, it was a recommended book so I went and got it.

    I didnt realise there was a "first" book so to speak
  13. Do you mean the first book or the second?

    If it's the second, it's written with a different purpose in mind as the situation has moved on from when 3 PARA was there in 2006 - i'm sure Fallschirmjager and others can brief you on that tour and the accuracy and veracity of that book.

    As for the second book, Ground Truth, i found it to be a good, readable mixture of reportage, interspersed with personal accounts and updates on the political / military aspects of current Operations in Afghanistan. In terms of a chronological account of that particular tour, particularly the Kajaki turbine op - which was bigger than Ben Hur - i found it to be accurate and concise in terms of the events he covered.
  14. I was referring to the first book, i personally felt that with the odd exception the majority of incidents included in the book were from Officers/seniors perceptions, often who had second-hand knowledge of the situation or added their own spin to something, either making their part in it seem more important or adding something that was not strictly true/clear. it was seemed 'beefed up' in an attempt to make the whole situation seem more sales-worthy of which there was no need, felt after reading that the book highlighted the difference say for example between the battalions efforts in the Falklands where full credit was given to the lower ranks as they won the battle whereas the same was true in H4 but alot of the kudos was accepted much higher then the men who earned it
    but as i say the money raised for the charities supportng injured blokes is worth whatever it took to be written

    just my two pence, could be talking utter bollocks :)