3 Para win the Boxing finals again

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Lizard_Lips, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. 15th April, Aldershot, 3 Para beat the Anglians in the Army senior novice finals.

    Everytime 3 Para enter they win. ( This was the sixth win for us)

    Bit of a trend there methinks. Anyone got any comments on this good or bad I don't mind.
  2. Well done the gungy three!


    Except in '97 when they fought the sporting first who went on to win the finals away against the Kingos.
  3. Who's the Sporting First? never heard of them.

    Feckin track suit commando's :)
  4. The other side of bullshit two :D

    Tracksuit commandos. How very dare you :threaten:
  5. My bold - You wrote that with a complete straight look on your face. Didn't you? :D Don't recall you at the 'Nationals in DPM :D
  6. Well done the Paras. Back in the seventies, it was 10 RCT and 1 RGJ were the main men. They probably merged them with other unit's to give the Para's a chance to come through?
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  7. They stopped winning after the rules were changed to outlaw shovels... :twisted:

    Coat, hat, Taxi! :oops:
  8. You're all 'jobby boxers', that's why...plenty of practice :D
  9. Utrinque Paratus

    III :strong:
  10. I've got to give it to the poachers, they were probably the best sporting opposition we've had. Win or lose they applauded everyone of our boxers. Not many other units do that, I'll admit 3 Para don't.

    I loved their bloke dressed up in poaching kit too, complete with shotgun and rabbits hanging from his belt.

    Respect to the poachers welterweight. He took a shitload of punishment and stayed on his feet. Strong lad and deceivingly fit for being a bit of a chubster.
  11. Hey. Whatever it takes!
  12. AGAIN....................Not exactly NEWS then is it...
  13. Any youtube footage?
  14. Fair do's to them then. IMHO anyone who steps into the ring should be applauded. Those that don't applaud should be made to fight in the next tournament.
  15. Except when 1 Queens were winning, 3 years on the trot I seem to remember and our great rivals in Germany was 10 RCT. Oh happy days