Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ACAB, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. ******* taliban deserve everything they get. good video
  2. Good vid, keep up the good work lads.
  3. Infantry Soldiering at it's Best...
  4. Good luck Guys & Girls, come home in one piece. The attitude of the general public in this Country sucks, we should be proud of the work our people are doing on OUR behalf, our politicians sent these fine people to play in both sandpits and we voted for them, by logic we sent them there to do a job on our behalf. where is the support? We see coffins on the news, embedded news reporters, saying how bad it is for the soldiers over there, where is the support? If you see a soldier in a bar, buy him a pint and say Thank You! We (Yes I am a soldier) don't ask for thanks, but given unasked would make it all worth while.

    "Its Tommy this and Tommy that, and Tommy the old brute. But its brave old Tommy Atkins when the guns begin to shoot!"

    Edited due to Black Bush overdose
  5. Nice one
    Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind
  6. Bit disappointed with the 3 PARA mortars clip...just some blokes firing mortars...?
  7. Great, great pictures, but wanted to hear the chaps, not the rapping knobber who takes up most of the soundtrack - he needs a nine up the asshole in my view: he really is a cnut of the highest order .... and he was not there. Rant over - good pictures and good drills.

    Still not as good as the RMs though....
  8. Try googling "Baseplate Buttf8ck 3: 'ARSE ACTION!'".
  9. Good to see.....
  10. What "Baseplate Buttplug:Arrse Action"? I'll take your word...
  11. Like to know who was using the video camera instead of shooting :wink:
  12. good point
  13. Does everyone need to fire in a contact situation then? Have you ever been in contact? Judging by your comment i suggest not!
  14. f**king awesome footage there! well done lads,
    loving the bloke on the gun with the tat showing...ally bastard!
    C'mon the reg!