3 Para video on BBC news @10

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. Did anyone manage to catch the footage of 3 para in action that was shown on the news at 10 last night???

    Apparently it was filmed on a soldiers mobile and sent out in an attempt to highlight the high level of combat operations that are being undertaken there whilst the govt and MOD seek to downplay the intense opposition and poor supply levels the troops are faced with.

    Was some really good footage of it. Watching them bring down fire from an A10 was amazing. I never realised an aircraft cannon could do so much damage. Thank god they are on our side!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thankfully the beed did a half good job of reporting the story, and actually applied some pressure on the government.

    Welldone to all the guys out there. We ARE proud of you!

    PS Comabt Footage can be found here...
  2. Yes! I saw it and was surprised and pleased that the beeb not only aired it but it was a decent length too. The quality was excellent and the message portrayed superb. The commentary even included the line "the soldier to took the footage wanted us all to know just what an excellent job 3Para are doing in very difficult circumstances and how proud we all should be of them"............. and so we are, ENORMOUSLY.

    Well done the BBC too, we need more stuff like this. Please.
  3. Indeed we ARE, its a fcuking disgrace that the Govt is claiming all is well and quiet - one can only conclude that they are hoping that the Taliban kill all of the inconvenient witnessess before they can get home and hold some interviews. Any chance of a non BBC link though?
  4. Fantastic job, well done perhaps this shopuld be highlighted to the general public a bit more, what they are facing again!! Go on Labour bury your heads in the sand AGAIN!!
  5. I just hope the guys out there realise how much we support them
  6. I am trying to find a way to host it sans bbc, but hitting a few problems.

    BFG_9000 where are you?

    Update, so far i can only provide you with a direct link that you can open in real player or media player.

    Click on open URL and paste the following


    Should work that way
  7. Cracking show lads. Godspeed for your safe return.

  8. Lads, great work keep it up and stay safe.
  9. Something to bear in mind when discussing 'friendly fire' incidents. Not saying it excuses every one, but the A10 in those clips later dropped bombs right outside the Paras compound (presumably at their request). The A10s close air support role is to expend munitions very close to friendly troops and it's not surprising that accidents happen. How many would the friendlies lose, though, if the A10's weren't around?
  10. Whatever you do, keep hold of your mobiles and keep the footage coming. It is the only thing coming out of Helmand. We will keep working at getting you more resources from this end even if we have to shame the Govt into it.

    Stay safe.
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The A-10 GAU cannon fires a Depleted Uranium round which can go thru armour like it was butter.But well done those men & a huge thank you from the spike family! You are doing a thankless job of which most people dont appreciate or care about.But we DO! And it will not go unnoticed by us.Stay safe & come home all!!
  12. Yeah, echo all those points. The work done by these lads is recognised, respected and appreciated by some.
  13. CV(T) giving it 'Big Licks' with the 30mm too! Good to see.
  14. Is it really from a phone? looks very clear, and with zoom too, but its good to know that they are acting as robustly as they can, and there should either be a lot more of them out there, or none at all.

    Good luck to them all