3 Para - Qazr e Herat

Am I the only person today to stifle a chuckle over the toast and marmelade whilst reading the account of 3 Para's operations in Afghanistan? The Telegraph article finished with a quote from a member of the near legendary 3 Para mortars..."We gave them a spanking..."

Well what else would you expect from them! Good job lads...
There was an impressive piece in The Telegraph the other day,showing the remains of one of the new Babcock WiMiKs,after it can over an old Russian A/T mine(TM46?).I believe it was from Patrols Pln of 3 Para?The driver had a broken leg and nose,but the others were pretty much unhurt.Looks like the vehicle is well thought out,and a vast improvement on L/Rover based WiMiks.As someone who was in an armoured cab RL that ran over a British Mk 7 mine(thoughtfully left in Aden,and then transported up to Oman)some years ago,I appreciate what these things can do.Everyone survived the Oman incident,although I could not hear(or think!) for a couple of days.

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