3 Para Mortars

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SmithsRail, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. What the fcuk actually happened?
  2. mansex. lots of it.
  3. Asking on here will only give you exaggerated and incorrect responses.

    You really need to consult a member of 3 PARA Mor Pln in person to find out the whole story.

    But don't forget to take some money and a change of underwear.
  4. Maybe a simplified version of it?
  5. When I used to get sent to 3 Para Mortars in 85 to drop off radio batteries I used to make sure there were the minimum amount of them about in their stores. Lets just say that their reputation was well deserved!
  6. Dear o dear this is like trying to get blood from a stone.
  7. 3 PARA Mortars arent actually renowned for being gay in 3 PARA; only in the rest of the army. It's a bit of a myth to be honest. The Anti-Tanks had more homs in, in the eighties. The Sigs Pl went through a phase a few years back of being gay but in my opinion they were just trying to get a name for themselves as they are boring cunts. I suppose 3 PARA have no more gays than the rest of the army; the difference is we don't mind flaunting it! :D
  8. I think the point is being missed here, please forgive me if I'm wrong but.

    Gay or not the issue is apprently getting arrse fucked by a bunch of rather large men who wont take no for an answer.

    Just because you fukc another bloke up the arrse dosent make you gay.

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  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The story goes back to the early 80s (pre-Falklands) when a member of 3 Para Mortars was court-martialled and convicted because of his activities as a 'rent-boy'. As far as I know, there's no more to it than that. I had this conversation with the bloke who'd been the Mortars CSgt at the time and he thought the dodgy reputation was the result of Mortars (and Sp Coy in general) having a larger share of the older, more experienced Toms with a flair for bad behaviour than the rifle companies.
  11. I thought the story came about because of a senior-para who lived one floor higher up than lets say Nig Paras, who 'invited' them to his room? And didnt take no for an answer.

    Though rumours are just that rumours.
  12. Oh I'm sorry did I wake you up after your Sunday lynching.

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    Were you a Regimental Copper or another highly qualified position like 2 I/C sports store.

    Usage Note: Many people now avoid using homosexual because of the emphasis this term places on sexuality. Indeed, the words gay and lesbian, which stress cultural and social matters over sex, are frequently better choices. Homosexual is most objectionable when used as a noun; here gay man and gay woman or lesbian and their plural forms are called for. It is generally unobjectionable when used adjectivally, as in a homosexual relationship, although gay, lesbian, or same-sex are also available for adjectival use. See Usage Note at gay.

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  13. So should you mate.

    T C

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