3 Para Mortars??

Evening all, sorry to ask a potentially bone question, and it is not a waaaah of any kind, but after reading through previous threads, there appears to be a refernce to 3 Para Mortars, just wondering what it was.
Just go an visit them - I'm sure they will make you very, very welcome........................
If this is a wah! you've won.

3 PARA mortars were, allegedly, a hotbed of homosexualist intrigue and debuachery through the early-mid 80's, at a time of course when such activity would get you sacked from the mob. Even I heard the jokes on a course in Aldershot in '87.

3 PARA Mortars: a bunch of truly deviant sickos who had a reputation for batting for the other side: "you are only gay if you push back" and "you are only gay if while shagging a bloke in the arrse you give him a reach-round". How true these stories are I do not know but they were avoided by large sections of the community. Seemed an OK bunch but you didnt go near their positions on exercise.

The only units I knew that came close to this mob were 2 Sapper units: 9 (PARA) Sqn RE and 59 (Cdo) Sqn. 9 Sqn had sh1tting competitions (the judges scored for colour, consistency, odour and taste!), sh1t-fights (sh1t into your hand and throw it at someone attempting to do the same to you) and freckles (someone sh1ts on a table. Everyone gathers round, resting their chins on the table. Someone hits the turd as hard as they can: the person with the most 'freckles' of sh1t wins).

Animals, but surprisingly good soldiers as well :)
It wasn't too obvious in the 80's but in the sixties if you had the balls to speak to them, duck...........
Amazing how many people seem to take more than a passing interest in the activities of 3 Para Mortars. Are they trying to tell us something?
Booty..... you find another thread with reference to homo sexual activity to post on.... come on old chap out yourself and confess to liking c0ck.

You a giver or a taker?

Bi sexual or a fully winged and badged marmite miner?
Eugh you grubby vile wretched whidgy fondler...

Send the link to where you confessed to such hideous crimes?

Were you ridiculed? Are you speaking from experience reference 3 Para Mortars?
What makes you think I'm obsessed.

maybe curious...... not bi-curious and craving a tube steak jamming in me
Mighty_doh_nut said:
maybe curious...... not bi-curious and craving a tube steak jamming in me
I bet that's what you say to all the young guys just before you slip some roofies in their drinks.

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