3 para falklands

Jimmy,as long as you and your mates remember them, they live on.
Really nice tribute. What is the music?
Fcuk me, need to clean the keyboard, all that dust got in my eyes
foxs_marine said:
Really nice tribute. What is the music?
hi the music is from a lady called Rosie Thomas called "These friend of mine"
which i thought would be apt, thank you for your kind words, bye for now jimmy.
Very nicely done. Takes me back to Mt Tumbledown. Sames scenes, different names, same memories.


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Most of your phots would win the 'search for an ally superstar' thread hands down.

Very moving tribute.


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Jimmy , Bloody good job, a fine Tribute to the Airborne Brotherhood. Who have gone before us 27 years ago this week .
Excellent Jim, very well put together. :D

There's one or two faces on there that don't seem to have gotten any older! :)

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