"3 PARA" book.What do you think?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ABF9, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. My misses got it for me at christmas time and I was woundering what people thought of it?
  2. you could just read it ya'know and make up you own mind!

    Anyway, if you want a civvie POV, I found it very interesting and well written. Enjoy!

  3. Apart from the fact it confirms what every Para thinks (that the whole universe really does revolve around them), it is quite a good read. I was a bit disappointed with the way the author fobs off their experience in Iraq, intimating that because 3 para didn't have that many contacts, it must have been a bit benign for everyone else and therefore not the real deal.
  4. Also worth remembering that it was a 3 Para battlegroup - so a fair few atts & dets - R IRISH to name but one...
  5. Didnt D SQN HCR smash it in quite a bit down there, Im led to believe?
  6. Does it have a chapter on the Mortar Platoon?
  7. yeah, unfortunately it was the R Irish one though, and not 3 Para's.

    Like the book though, thought it was a good read. I agree that it could have been done better, maybee we should get Richard Holmes to re-do it?

    T C
  8. Interesting peice of literature...some aspects lead me to believe that it is written more for a civillian reader. Many reasons come to mind, but the one that sticks in my head is the point Bishop makes about how "no-one knows why the Paras call the rest of the Army hats" etc.
    However, not to detract from a good read, and a bit of an insight into whats happening out there.
  9. Agree with the Highlight - Bishop lays it on thick at the beginning of the book and it starts to become tedious- Bishop does go on to tell us about the whole Battle group - but I suppose the story he's trying to tell - is in the title of the book!

    Enjoyed 'Sniper One' better
  10. would have took more than 1 chapter to tell all about 3 para mortars....... :lol:
  11. Was a good read, read it on my first week in Battalion whilst i was still in Transit.Enjoyed it, lent it out to my mates...........and i've never seen it since...thanks for reminding me.

    I did not that it did have a slightly biased tone, but who cares, we all do a job out there.I enjoyed reading about the Royal Irish and that Danish Platoon that had the gucci kit, that eventually left.Thats was surprising.

    Looks like we're not the only ones who get things squared away aswell.Reading about the Taleban was very interestingaswell, it gave alot of insight and i was especially put off when it makes a reference to one of the full screws watching the Taleban do Fire & Maneuver drills during a firefight.Quite unsettling stuff.

    All in all, an awesome read.
  12. Sorry guys, don't agree. I thought that it was written to thrill and not to explain - it'll make Bishop a lot of money but it's very superficial. Dusty Warriors is a much better book.
  13. Nailed what i was trying to say!! Aimed at an audience that is excited by what they are reading, and have little care for the intracasies many military books contain.
    Still a good read, polished off in a couple of days, easy to pick up and put down, with the chapters neatly describing single incidents/events, it doesn't really matter how long you leave between reading it.
  14. AGREE - also enjoyed sniper one. Might be something about the authors rather than the subject though......