3 Para are trained in riot control

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by The Forty Twa, Jan 29, 2012.

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  1. I vaguely remember something about Paras being used in the UK in public order situations before, but I don't seem to recall how it turned out.

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  2. I remember it cost a few quid to find out though.
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  3. Yes, it was in the 60's, I think it went something like.

    No 1 rifleman man in red shirt FIRE

  4. As it did last time..............That was the end of all the large scale riots!
  5. At the risk of inviting some anti-RMP sentiment, the British Army already has troops with specialist law enforcement training. Using Paras or any other infantry unit to maintain public order in the UK's current No-Win-No-Fee culture is just inviting legal action from every single person they come into contact with. At least having RMP among them would ensure that any incidents that occur would be documented as quickly as possible.
  6. I'd rather not stand alongside some random Monkey when it all gets noisy.

    The dirty, greasy bastards would sell you down the river without hesitation. They love to get a conviction. They don't care how or from which side. Keep them to the rear so they can just get on with the paperwork when the snatch squads return.

    The greasy bastards.
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  7. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Fixed that one for you.
  8. Sorry if you missed the irony in my first post - however i was focussing on the recent riots in London specifically and would love to see the day when the rioting rats stream down a High Street, smashing up shops and burning cars, then turn a corner and run into a line of Paras....toilet paper anyone ?

    BTW - The BBM service would be disabled second time round..Encryption my Arrse.
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  9. Nice, well done. The RMP are currently embedded with combat formations on Operations performing exactly the role I described. Not many complaints of "fit-ups" coming back from Afghanistan...
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  10. I agree with you on that, besides the ***** would try to get the loot back off the lads :)
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  11. I've also fixed that for you.
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  12. They are only doing there job
  13. Grow up you pompous fool.

    The lads are shitting themselves when they have to return, just in case some Monkey in a bad mood, who didn't get his 'down time', searches them and finds a bit of booty.

    Greasy coppers, I've shat 'em.
  14. I am heading out on Tosca soon.

    The first line riot control bods we have are the infantry types.

    Why not ? They are best for force projection. They have more experience of it than the rest of the army. Whether in Nicosia or London that fact is well established.

    That said, stand by for the claims. Will the govt pass some short lived reintroduction of the good old "Riot Act" ?