3 network (HSPA+) tinters vs Wifinity at Blandford?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by AS AR, Oct 30, 2011.

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  1. Has anybody used (or tried to use) a 3 dongle (mifi in particular) for interweb in the block on Blandford Camp? What's the coverage like etc? Soon to be posted there and trying to weigh up whether it's worth paying for Wifinity to feed my hunger for scat/dog/granny-tranny porn.

    And yes, posing this question makes me a boring ****.
  2. wifinity is prob better, cheaper, faster and unlimited download for a set price.
  3. This is the thing my amphibious confectionary friend. Mifi is £16 for 5gb per month so it's cheaper. And there's the obvious mobility with 3. But the coverage and data rates that concern me.
  4. Not been to Blandford in some time...

    Last time I was there mobile signal was toilet.
  5. Roger. I've had a look through that site. It also shows my house should have turd coverage but my neighbour's dongle is boomers.

    Is there anyone out there that has actually used a three dongle in the 'unique Georgian town'?
  6. Thanks anyway JmrJ
  7. Not actually covered in turd, just turd coverage.
  8. Managed to Skype on the patch recently using mifi
  9. Thanks MB
  10. Vodafone is the best to go for signal. The wifinity can be ok at times but with so many people gaming, downloading etc the network speed can be really crap! Best going for the slightly, more expensive option at about £24/month with up to 10meg downnload and almost the same upload.