3 months to go till basic , and i ve got shin splints

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by corbuk, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. Yep , thats right ..ive got fcuking shin splint on my left leg , Its not pain full ..as in cant run/walk and need to take pills....but its there , and ive been told if you carry on it can only get worse. So ive decided to stop running until they have gone ( Hopefully i wont be out of training for more then 3 weeks)

    But the way i see it ive got 3 options...

    1. carry on training , go to basic and end up with realy bad shin splints halfwa thorugh basic ( or even before)....therefore worse and i would have to rest even loner.

    2. Rest now...even if i have to take 2 months of running ( How much would my fittness drop if i took 1-2 months off ?) and be injury free when i go to basic.

    3. Rest now , Train once youve healed( same as above )

    Its sucks tbh , Ive brought a pair of £80 running trainer's and some sorbothane insole.....wich will stop it from happerning again...but i have to get rid of it first....Basically i will be diong no running untill its gone ( I could run ....but in the long run its not worth it ive been told..it can only get worse)
  2. I would rest if i were you, if im correct you can keep your CV health up without running but improving it is another matter, i would hate to be in your position, must be horrible for ya, rest up and get better soon mate.
  3. best option is go and see your GP, rest it, do upper body phys and get to the local pool.
    Arrive at basic injury free, you'll have plenty of chances to cause yourself injuries while you are there anyway, no need to be ahead of everyone else!
  4. Ye , Thats what im thinking id rather be injury free at basic ....even if my fittnes does suffer a little for it.

    swimming sounds a good idea....if tried cycle,rowing ....but its just not for me.

    im still giong to do my gym days row,swaut,deadlift...etc...just no running :(
  5. you need to rest as when you tip up to basic you need to be pro active, robust, as the training will be demanding the obvious answer is go to the GP there are numerous threads in health and fitness that can give you tips ie: low impact, simple stretches ect..
  6. Go swimming fella.
    Keeps the old heart and lungs pumping without putting too much strain on the old running
    joints and shins.
  7. any advice on how many laps/time ..swimming routine....or just do as much as you can ...and then have a rest and swim again ?
  8. I cycled when i got them during Thai-Boxing, just laid off the high impact road work and skipping for a month otherwise.
    Tiger balm also had its short term uses.
  9. Ice and rest x lots. Start swimming. You don't want to let your CV drop.
    Get your gait analysed and your running shoes checked at a proper running shop.Have you been road running a lot?If so,rest for 3 - 4 weeks then run on trails ONCE you have been checked out in the running shoe/gait department!
  10. ^Agreed, i never had shin splints again for an extended duration after getting running shoes.
  11. do you even know what shin splints are 'sneakykid'?!!
  12. Shin splints could be an indicator of a stress fracture
  13. Go swimming, go to the gym and do upper body circuits, go on the stationary bikes or cross-trainers, do some rowing on concept 2 thingies. Need I go on? Running is not the end of fitness.

    And at the end of it, if you've still got shin splints, two lads completed the commando course with shin splints from day one - I'm sure you'll be fine during basic. If all else fails man up :)
  14. Where is the pain? Exactly?

    Shin splints is a cover all term for pain in the lower leg, but different pain sites are caused by different things, and a bit more info can help give the best advice...
  15. Im given it 2 weeks to rest , diong no cv....other then weights, If its not gone in 2 weeks ....**** it i giong to do my runs....