3 month tours

Dear All,

What do you think about the possibility of a three month tour? Should the TA be used for this? Your thoughts?

see "mobilisation medicals" and ask yourself...
I've told my boss I want out for 3 months.  Fail medical.  Hang head in shame and beg for job back. Insert fingers in ears to avoid abuse / laughter.

Seriously, a good idea if the med thang is sorted.
For a number of years the RAuxAF used 1 month tours as a way of keeping a specific slot at Incirlik permanently filled.  All the people going out came from the same unit (rather a specialist post) and it seemed to work quite well.  This meant that anyone going out would be briefed unofficially and internally on what to do and what to expect and so no surprises/admin nightmares happened.

I don't think they had any hassle with medicals etc for two reasons: first of all it was only for a months so no-one really felt it necessary, and secondly the RAF medical system for reservists (if they can be believed) is much better than the crap the TA have to suffer.  

Say what you like about the RAF, they do put their money where their mouth is when it comes to making reservists feel part of the team.  This is quite noticeable when working alongside them whilst mobilised and comparing experiences.  
I believe that the Dutch army use a 31 day-6 week 'micro-tour'.
From the Belgiaan MOD

The partnerships

A partnership Defense - Companies may be considered on a case-by-case basis between the Ministry of Defence and the professional organisation and/or the company. These partnerships meet a series of proposals set out hereinafter.


These proposals are aimed at promoting and materialising a partnership between the Defence including the Reservists and the employers concerned according to a series of clauses :

Agreement (partnership) signed between the Defence and the professional organisations / SME /...

Give publicity to "Partnership" in some official magazines.

Appointment of a DLO (Defence Liaison Officer) within the company.

Possibility of direct concertation with the ELO (Employer Liaison Officer) concerned

Mutual invitation of persons in charge to some events organised by the Ministry of Defence and the company.

Information provided to the employer in time about the Reservist's activities planned by his unit.

Mutual information about the recruitment.

Possibility of carrying out military duties related to the normal training and promotion without drawing on annual holidays.

Publication of the company rules as to call-out.

Taking into account the personal involvement of the Reservist as a "positive element" in the annual appraisal.

Besides his vocational background, the reservist gains through his military instruction and training or even during real operations, experience that sharpens his leadership skills and globally improves his psychological profile.

Thanks to the experience gained in the military circle, besides his good condition, the reservist may improve his sense of organisation, of initiative, of discipline and of teamwork,….qualities that are also appreciated by companies.

Employers should therefore consider that reservists have an 'added value' to offer to their companies. They should be aware of the fact that the free time they give to the reservist for his training in the service of the Nation will give him an added value as an employee in their companies.
In the same way, the reservist also offers to the Defense, besides his military experience, his civilian qualifications which are sometimes precious.
For all these reasons, it is so important that you, as an employer, recognise the real value of your employee-reservist in order to support him more efficiently and even to encourage him in his voluntary enlistment.

Search together, with the necessary flexibility, for a sound balance between his work and his enlistment in the Reserve.

Be ready to reorganise his time schedule, to give him more free time and, if necessary, a temporary career break. It is certainly to your advantage and you "serve your country" in your own way.
The Dutch


A statutory law governing reserve officers' status, empowers the Minister of Defense to call into active service for an indefinite period, all or any reserve officers he considers required by the existing conditions.
The MOD can also call, in the interests of the Service, any reserve officer for periodic training of up to 60 days maximum every 3 years, divided over a maximum of six periods.
UK MOD http://www.army.mod.uk/reservist/faq2.htm

How long can FTRS last?

Usually a minimum of six months, although exceptionally can be as low as three months.  Posts are normally offered for periods of 12, 18 or 24 months, but a can be extended to a maximum of 42 months with the agreement of the individual and the unit.
Which implies there is a mechanism in place for 3 month tours, which needs to be looked at and improved.

The belgin reservist section, is actually very good, I reccomend reading all the way through
I believe that If you are deployed for 4 months or more then you would receive a 2 week R&R (13 nights at home plus 2 days travelling) as part of the 'welfare' package.  I would much prefer this to a 3 or even 6 month tour.  Points to bear in mind is that you would receive more an extra 30 days LSSA and this goes up the more days you do. And of course it's an extra month spending minimal dosh and therefore banking it all!
Can I have that in writing please  ;D

Actually, is their a siurce or link to that anywhere Lance?

Anyway, more arguments for a 3 month tour, look at how much money the MOD save  :p
I still have docs at home about the welfare package etc which I received from RTMC when I was there 2 years ago.  The guys who have deployed to the Balkans more recently have told me that there is no change and they still get the R&R

Also it appears (although this is unconfirmed) that Anyone deployed on Op telic 2 for 6 months WILL receive R&R.

I will see if I can find a link, but APC should be able to advice on LSSA etc

Wait out.
Nah, can't seem to find anything on line.  As I said APC would be able to help on the question of LSSA rates, bonuses, and their qualifying dates etc.

I went to Bos in May 96 and due to work commitments could only offer 4 months in total.  So that was 2 weeks to mobilise and 3 months max in theatre, with 2 weeks post-tour leave.  Several other officers were in the same boat (not all technical cap badges, by the way).  

The short tours were boarded and most, if not all, were allowed to go.

Once out there, I managed to extend for another month but as far as the MOD were concerned at the beginning, I was on for a 3 month tour in theatre.

Obviously, there was no R+R for short-timers but no great drama there.

I can't see why on PSOs, individual circumstances can't continue to be taken into consideration.  After all, shouldn't we be aiming for intelligent mobilisation ?
3 month tours better idea for married personel less stress on home life when i deployed there was no support for the mrs from my ta unit or the regs i deployed with dont know if its any better now
Wow, this is an old thread - if 3 month tours happen, do you think PtP and I will get a GEMS payment?




4 Para had the option of 3 month attachments to 3 Para for Herrick 4 (suggested by CO 3 Para I believe). Quite a few took it up, and it worked well.

It can happen as long as the host unit wants it to. RTMC, OPTAG and off to Sangin!
Once again 4PARA lead and the rest of us follow...


2 very determined COs (3 & 4) who wanted it to happen, RTMC on side, blokes did 1 month beat up, 3 months on the ground, then demob & POTL. Done and dusted in 6 months.

No obvious ill feeling from the 3 Para lads they were put with. Extra help on stags and firepower were always welcomed, I am told.
PtP and I waxed eloquent on this subject 4 years ago....

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears ringing

So, are they a reality now, in general, or was the 4PARA HERRICK 4 thing a one-off?


Dr E,

No idea if they have been generally introduced. On the basis that they are effective and useful to the blokes I would doubt it!

I think that we will certainly be pushing for them again, but as I said earlier it is very dependant on the host unit CO.

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