3 month early release after 22 years

My 22 is up next month and like a mug I signed Veng. What are the rules on getting out in this Veng period as quick as possible. My resettlement will be complete by sept. the usual "ask the RCMO" has been done and he,s feckin useless. I'm reluctant to sign off as I will occur a severe pay drop for a year. Answers on a postcard..... Jsp links welcome.
I was veng, became dissilusioned with a year to push so signed off. I was out and working within 4 months. It can be done.


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I asked for to be released as soon as humanly possible. To be honest I could have gone sooner than I did but I had an outstanding course to complete. The unit let me go even though there was noone to replace me until my original ROD some 9 months down the line.

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