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I'm moving network. Are "3" mobile as rubbish as I've been hearing for years? I'm getting stories of dodgy coverage and mong customer service? Would any of you enlightened types have any suggestions/advise?

Ta in advance

I believe they take your credit after a certain amount of time which sounds kind of dodgy. Generally they look crap as well, I would say T-mobile have been the best for me.
I've used all the networks before, and have been with 3 for over 3 years now. In my experience, their coverage is excellent, I'm not aware of ever not having a signal and I go to some very out of the way places.
They did forget to connect my phone when they first sent me it, but one quick call and that was soon sorted and they waived my first bill. Not had any problems with customer service and they've got some good price plans.

I like them.
I have been with them for six months now and have had no dramas personally. Not had to ring customer services so can't vouch for that side of things and coverage has been fine and to no different to any of my mates coverage. So for personally i have had no problems so far
biggest bunch of retards i have ever dealt with! cancelled my contract months ago,paid it up in full and still recieving random phone calls from the call centre in bangladesh!
utter balls-avoid it pal!
I was with 3 for a while.
They are a bunch of cnuts and no mistake.
They fcuked up my payments a few times, they admitted it was there mistake, they charged me for it.
Their coverage is as tempremental as the Snail. And generally they are cnuts.

You dont get customer service with 3, you get somebody who can only repeat words off a screen in a very dodgy accent making it difficult to understand. Im not rascist but this overseas call centre crap I cant fathom.
The rest are based in glasgow, but you have to fight tooth and nail to get them.
They are expensive as well, considering what you can get elsewhere, much better deals around than 3 can offer.
Even their advertisement is annoying.
As you may be able to tell, I love em :D
Actually I am a hypocrite, im currently looking at my 3 pay as you go, but PAYG is different, I dont have to give 3 any money :D
I'm on 3 PAYG and have found the signal to be pretty top-notch wherever i've been. However customer service in India is pretty crap. But customer service with any big company is usually shite as its all in India to be fair.

Not a bad network on the whole, think I'm changing soon though to O2?
Dumped Orange 8 months ago I had been with them since 1994. I am with 3 now signal & coverage are excellent . Price is far superior. I get 100 texts & 500 minutes for £20 a month . Loads of my mates are switching to them. I would reccomend them. Also when I have called them I have always spoke to a flunt English speaker. I reccomend them.

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