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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Spanglish, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Hi, wondering if anyone can help:

    I'm seventeen and at present just try to retain a good level of fitness before trying out for officer selection at 18.
    I am currently running just over 3 miles in what i suppose is a decent time for someone my age (26mins).
    However, i have started to experience pain in the lower half of my left shin- the muscle adjacent to the bone and at times even the bone itself.

    Was just wondering if anyone had any pointers on what may be causing it..and ways i could prevent it in the future?
  2. I've been told that standing in a bath of cold water for a couple of minutes can help reduce swelling etc in your shins.

    Don't know if it works as i've never tried
  3. Thanks for the help, will just slow it down for a while then.
  4. Whatever you do, avoid seeing the doctor, it sounds like shin splints.

    The reason i say avoid the doctor is beacuse when he/she fills out your pre-selection medical there is a box saying "leg problems". If they put down you came to see them with symptoms of shins splints they will defer your application.

    I was defered a couple of months for it, even though i only had pain in my shin's for 2 days. :x
  5. This definately sounds like shin splints, I suffer with these myself and seeing the doctor is not the best thing to do as they will put this on your med forms and you risk defferal. Having said this the worst thing you can do is try to "run it off" or ignore it. If you take a break from running the pain will ease however this will not make them go away, and if you carry on running they will, over time, develope into stress fractures and then your fcuked!
    Go and see a sports physio, they realy arn't all that expensive and it is well worth it, they will advise you on the right stretches to do and give you the right treatment.
    In the mean time try wrapping a pack of frozen peas in a tea towel and ice each shin for about 10 - 15 mins every 4 hours or so, where ice isn't practical use Ibuprofen gel.

    Good luck S
  6. Shin-splints is too general a term.

    Could be any number of things that has caused it. Simply doing too much too soon could be the problem, weak leg muscles or the architecture of your feet could be all over (like in my case).
  7. i was in rehab (falklands platoon) with a fella who suffered with severe shin splints & he swore by the R I C E method (rest, ice, compress and elevate), mind as he was in rehab either he learnt it to late or he was full of it, still gotta be worth a go eh
  8. Rest.
    See a doctor.
    If you don't like what he tells you see another doctor.
    Pay for a private consultation somewhere if you don't want it on your medical records for the army to see.
    Read the threads on Arrse about good running shoes.
    Expect aches and pains when you run but don't fcuk yourself up.
  9. Number one thing in my opinion is make sure you are running in a proper pair of running shoes and not your reebok classics or nike airmax that you normally wear :)

    If your currently running on the road try and get offroad for a bit, you will still gain fitness but will be easier on your legs
  10. I would say as above.

    Run on grass to save the joints and get some good runners.
    These two things are a leg saver.

    Have a bit of a rest, do the RICE thing and remember to stretch out.
    It might be a good idea to do some calf raises off a step for extra ROM to get some more muscle on them (and help stretch out the calf)
  11. The other not to go to the doctor: they dont know shit about sports injuries. In my experience your average GP knows as much about running injuries as he knows about particle physics... so as well as getting a medical deferral (I am expecting one for this very reason) you wont get a cure.

    Far better idea is to go to a sport physiotherapist or massage therapist privately and ge them to fix you up. Even a running shop assistant may be able to give you the advice you need.

    But it really sounds like you can fix this by cutting your milage by half, RICE after each run and some moderate but regular stretching. Do this for 2 weeks and see how it goes.

  12. I agree with JayCam GP's don't know to much about sports injuries (no pun intened) and they will put it on your medical record almost guranteeing a medical deferral. So find a good physio and go there, but before you go make sure they don't inform your GP of the treatment because some physios do. In the meantime do some cross training, build leg strength up, RICE R-Rest I-Ice C-Compression E-Elevation and try to avoid running but if you must run on grass even better though do some swimming or cycling.
  13. This is true! When I went to my physio for the first time I explained that I was an army hopeful and that joint pain was "not allowed", so would they please keep my medical records extremely confidential. They had no probs with this, but yes do make sure first because think of how nasty a surprise it would be if you got a rejection letter on medical terms because you didnt know your physio had been piping all your info to your GP!


  14. Unfortunately gps are used to couch potatoes and the diseases that afflict them