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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stormshadow, Mar 27, 2011.

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  1. Hi,
    I was thinking about joining 3 MI in 3 to 6 months.

    Is there anyone who is in the unit that I could PM a few questions about it?

    I would contact the unit directly but since I am not quite ready yet, I would rather ask someone else.

  2. Out of interest, what questions do you have that you believe may be answered anonymously here rather than by Bn HQ?

    Feel free to PM me if you wish, however I suspect the party line when dealing with random strangers on the internet will be all you'll get.
  3. You know what one of the best ways to get good advice is ? Ring the Bn and ask. They won't pursue you in an unmarked car if you choose not to proceed further, nor will they base your career path on the initial phone call wherein you ask some basic questions. Just do it. Besides, waiting times for selection weekends, courses etc can get stupid at times, no point waiting to apply and then having to ... wait some more.

    They will be deliberately vague about aspects of what we actually do, this isn't some affectation to make us look hard but a reflection of the real and challenging opportunities you can take advantage of if you get in.

    And there's no point asking me, all I can offer re the training pipeline are tedious anecdotes of a simpler time when 58 pattern webbing was in vogue and you bought your own norwegian. And no-one wants that, do they. As for the rest, there is nowhere else you will get the opportunities to do real work that makes a difference than with us. Not even with 5 MI, sound and wonderful people that they are.

    Hope to see you sometime.
  4. Thanks for your replies, it seems that I have not written enough posts to send any PM's.

    I just had a few questions about time commitment and etc.

    During the initial training approximately how many weekends, full weeks and evenings are taken up?

    After the initial training approximately how many weekends, full weeks and evenings are taken up?

    What is the chance of deployment? How long could this be for?

  6. Thanks for the info.

    Are the deployments 6 months to a year long?

    I think my current employer would be pissed off if I disappeared for that amount of time, although I wouldn't mind being deployed.

    Can you join the unit full time after being there for while?

    Weekends and evenings are fine, just any days during the working week would be a problem. How many days during the working week could there be?

  7. Deployments are 6 months in theatre, so with pre-deployment training you are looking at a minimum of 10 months realistically.

    In terms of joining the unit full time - that's what the regular Corps is for; they have not suffered from the SDSR and have in fact increased the number of trade courses being run to keep pace with an increased manpower requirement. There are Full Time Reserve Service options, but you cannot just walk into these without relevent experience (with the possible exception of Linguist).

    You will be required to find at least a solid 2 weeks a year, not only to get qualified, but once trained in order to achieve your tax free bounty (3MI have done away with the traditional Annual Camp exercise in favour of a trade course, attachment or other relevent excercise).
    I am sure you have asked but does your employer have a reservist policy? If so you may find that you are entitled to an extra weeks holiday for this reason.
  8. Thanks for the info.

    My current employer does, which entitles to me a week off. They are pretty good with holiday to me. However this is complicated because I have a job interview tomorrow for a small company which I doubt will have a reservist policy and they also give me 1.5 weeks less holiday. However the pay and career is substantial better.
  9. At the moment, very. You do however by the joining the TA make yourself liable for compulsory mobilistation - this, however, requires an act of parliament.
  10. It doesn't require parliament, I don't think it ever has TBH.

    T C
  11. Thanks,
    Do the regular corps have unit in London too? (From what I can see the regular corps are based in Chicksands, Bedfordshire)
  12. If you join be prepared for a fairly intensive period of training, every other weekend for about 16 weeks, plus mid week evening training then a two week Camp to complete your Phase 1 training. You can then look forward to a period of further mid week evening training plus weekends before completing your Phase 2 (Trade) qualification (the first of three) with another 2 week Camp. With regards to deployment, yes it will happen and it will be roughly 11 months to a year in total with leave etc. However you will not be deployed until the unit feels that you are ready to go. I would advise not even thinking about FTRS in the early stages of your career. If you want to go Regular then do it, don't however expect to join and train with a TA unit and then go Regular and expect to jump straight across you will almost invariably have to start from scratch, including Phase 1. Hope this helps and good luck.
  13. Thanks again.

    Just another couple of questions:

    - How long is a TA weekend? Does it start early on a Saturday Morning or does it start on Friday Evening?

    - What happens if I get paid more in my Civi Job than the TA but I get deployed?
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  15. Thanks MSR was dreading trying to do that one, technophobe that I am.