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Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong section wasn't sure if more suited for here or Reserve Recruitment.

Interested in joining 3 MI in London however after reading a few threads on the site have noticed that high frequency/chance of deployment keeps popping up when discussing the Int Corps.

Aware that the first year will consist of mainly training however curious to know after that how likely a deployment could be?

Not opposed to a deployment but something I want to take into consideration when choosing between Infantry or Int Corp.

Appreciate any help, thanks.
I've got involved in exactly this conversation before so enter with trepidation, but what exactly are your concerns regarding deployment? Would you consider a unit with less opportunities to do the job that the tax payer is funding you to be able do more favourably?

I genuinely find the question perplexing and am not having a go and appreciate that times change.

edited to add: Or are you actually looking for deployment opportunities?
It is not that I want to avoid deployments and I understand it is part and parcel with the role of a reservist.

My main hesitation comes in that I am not sure if I am at a stage of my civilian career where leaving for 6 months or so, could hinder me considerably in the future.

However I understand that this may not be a question of which unit should I go but a wider question of is now a good time to join the reserves.

So just wanted to gain as much info on deployments etc before making a decision.
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Not my part of ship but I would doubt that Army Reserve would force someone to deploy, facing the prospect of being unemployed on their return.

Understanding your current employers posture towards Army Reservists might be a good place to start?

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