3 MI Bn social event (and after)

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dubb_al_Ibn, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. Excellent night at both locations ! Sore head next day (and not Bushmills !).

    (Anybody want to confess anything, particularly after 0130 Sunday morning. Come on, get it off your chest, you'll feel better (and all the other stuff they taught you on the "I" course)).

    Seriously, it was a really good evening. Thanks to all involved.
  2. The main question maybe should be, "Why do you have a problem with what happened after 0130hrs, is it a guilty secret or just the dodgy memory?
  3. Dodgy memory, RWAC. Obviously only you and me there, then. Pathetic attempt to start a thread. I'll get me coat.
  4. Dubb - there must be some stories to get people interested more .
  5. Even if there aren't I'm sure someone in this forum will invent some.
  6. Must have been one hell of an event to get such a response off the Arrse community... :roll:
  7. Not enough ARRSE at the event me thinks
  8. Not enough effort on 3 MI's part then. :x
  9. What event ? No-one invited me, or am I just Billy No-mates ?
  10. Yeeeeeess.
  11. Or not suitable status for the event........very select!!!!
  12. So there you have it from a "well placed source".
  13. Glad to see that 3 MI were represented an the Xmas Green RV today.

    What happened to the rest??
  14. "A central location in the UK" was the way it was sold. Was it fuck!
  15. What events were these!?!