3 MI Bn - Mob vs. FTRS

You'd be surprised at how many of those who went to the Balkans from a range of cap badges, but all working in support of the Corps, over the past few years did so on FTRS.

Chilwell would always brief that 'if you're going on an op tour you should be mobilised, FTRS isn't for op tours you know', this would be passed back to the employing unit and then when the individuals went on their deployment, with a flash and a bang..bugger all changed.

These characters came from a variety of backgrounds, including recently graduated types and 'career break types' but there were also amongst them individuals with 'proper' jobs, so it must have some attraction.
So my ears aren't failing then, Iraq is an FTRS destination ?
I'd be interested to see what type of contract they offer, given that there's a Falklands post going at the mo' that's a Home Commitment type contract, alongside another to exactly the same place that's Full Commitment.

Glasgow: "Well you see it's like this, once you're in Basra you'll never leave the camp so we don't reckon that you'll ever do any detached duty. That means it's a Home Commitment (and cheaper for us). Simple!"
Just listen to that rubber band stretch ... Asking for people to volunteer for FTRS in Iraq is a sign of desperation. The much touted 5 years between tours the OC bangs on about as an aspiration is going to become the legal minimum of 3, with even less if you volunteer.

Bet the then OC wishes he hadn't emptied the pot quite so quickly post-9/11. Was everyone needed ? Not really. Still, it may have left very few available for Telic but he looked good.

And maybe we can address retention, especially for the juniors, to make sure they're around for a second time ?
The salary topup applies to anyone compulsorily mobilised - and bear in mind the old caps have now gone (search the TA forum for Financial Assistance for more). However, given the general level of "competence" experienced at Chilwell I would strongly recommend reading up on it beforehand, making sure you've got all the paperwork and doing the sums yourself beforehand so you can check.
спасибо большое, товарищ O-O-T-S !
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