3 MI and 5 MI Bns: sharing out the family silver...

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FrogPrince, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. Okay, so Combat Int (i.e. 24 Coy) is 'Strategic' and will be kept under the 3 MI umbrella. By way of contrast, Field Humint (i.e. 22 Coy) is 'Tactical' and goes to 5 MI. Why then, is 51 Coy remaining in London then ??

    Surely this should be co-located in Chicksands with the parent organisation and the RNR / RAuxAF cousins ?
  2. Come now FP. Didn't you know that it is only members of Gods finest 'northern' coys that have done the 'driving for longer than 2 hours' Cse?
  3. Too true !

    I enjoyed my time with 22 Coy but would often arrive 'down South' in the small hours of Saturday morning, the stars twinkling overhead as I basha'ed up at P** P** or crept into P** as quietly as possible, lest I disturb the beauty sleep of my Southern brethren.

    ( Mind you, I haven't learnt my lesson. North Yorkshire to Netheravon is a nightmare journey - roll on XXX Sqn at Dishforth ! )
  4. Duplication deleted.
  5. come on FP..tell us ALL the other locations you vsitied too as part of 22 Coy, Int Corps (V). There are loads of journos that would interested.
  6. Well... it was a long time ago in a universe far away. ( Well, early nineties, anyway. ) LTIOV ? Probably well past its sell-by date.

    I used to go to Ashford too. Should I keep that one quiet ?
  7. Fat Old STAB to a young Op Int: I'm with "22"

    Op Int to WO2 X: He doesn't look that hard for an SAS soldier

    WO2 X to Op Int (very loudly): That's because he's big timing fcuking STAB wnaker from 22 Int Coy!

    It was then I started down the dark path of intense dislike for the majority of TA that has forever dominated my destiny.................
  8. i must admit i lasted until 1995 in bosnia until i began to hate them.

    i can still remember the moment my mind started to turn against them. when the country suddenly split wide open, i had just moved to bihac with 1RRF and was running things up there. this complete f*cking throbber walked in - 60 if he was a day, dressed as a RE captain! he shuffled in and demanded a briefing. obviously missed the courtesy class. also rather obvious that he must be TA int corps. i said "so you're int corps then sir?", he denied it (despite there being nobody in the room except me, an int corps corporal). eventually i said something along the lines of "if you're going to be silly, i'm not going to talk to you. you're about as much Royal Engineers as that Corimec."

    so he then proceeded to confide in me that he was (shock, horror) actually TA int corps. that he was in charge of a special unit, which was setting up in Bihac to take over all the SAS's sources! :lol: anyway i managed to keep a straight face long enough to give him a 20 min briefing, to which he said "that was exactly what i needed, excellent, best brief ever" blah blah "now, the rest of my team will be here in 5 minutes, can you give them the exact same briefing you just gave me?" 8O

    he was rather surprised when i said "no" - along with "why the f*ck are you wasting my time giving the same briefing twice when you could have waited and had it all together? we ARE actually quite busy here." i let him sweat and apologise for a few minutes before relenting. (wasn't his blokes' fault).

    from there it got worse. he was the worst of a bunch of big-timing walts, the only decent one was a regular female lance jack (JD) - she was cracking, good at the job and stuck in a rather difficult position. coped exceptionally well and we helped each other out loads. but that guy... what a knobber. couple more stories of what he got up to before being sacked from theatre, but i can't be bothered typing any more right now :)
  10. Glad to see TA Rebalancing has brought out the one army concept in all of us.

    Lets air all the problems with our corps and blame it on the TA.
  11. Works for me! :D
  12. Wheres the love?
  13. don't worry, i'm sure they do things very differently nowadays and wouldn't dream of deploying such a loser.

    just wondering if THAT is the reason we used to send them out under different capbadges - deniability!

    think the RCT and RE probably wondered what they ever did to deserve such treatment... :D
  14. CR, I was knocking about FRY in '95 and I must concur with your initial observations. However, nowadays the Bn is much better. Thanks to the events over the last five years or so, most of the walts and knackers threw their kit over the wall when they were asked to do what they took the shilling for.
  15. I remember those days - 22 "Fat Old Knacker Coy" as we used to call them. Not that we were all combat monsters where I was but none of us still wore puttees. We used to look at their field kit (dressing gown, fish kettle and lots of port) and marvel. How did those stable belts hold without breaking ? How did the springs on the landy hold up ?

    Then of course the new broom swept in, lots of new LCpls and coronaries cleared the decks to reveal a new fit mean lean 22 Coy, all mil skills and whippet thin. Shame they couldn't do the job, but hey ... These days I think the pendulum is approaching the middle and the Walt ratio approximates that of the regs in the same job.