3 mercian recruitment

3 Mercian will do one more turn of Afghan then in Aug 14 will be part of the Mercian Regiment Reorganisation. Currently 1 and 2 Mercian are light role whilst 3 Mercian is Armoured Infantry but it is the Warrior Vehicle that sets 3 Mercian apart. The A2020 construct replaces Armoured Brigades with Armoured Infantry Brigades putting Armoured Infantry qualifications and experience at a premium. With their strong performance in BATUS before Christmas and their unique skill set in Armour you will be well placed. They are also a good bunch of lads and Germany brings its own attractions :cool:

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I start on the 26th too. I was wanting 1 Mercian more but 2 Mercian are getting moved very close to where all my family live so I might put them as my first preference (not like it makes a difference anyway haha).
Post tour there won't be much time left in Germany for 3 Mercian - we'll be boxing up and fooking off back to UK.

1, 2 & 3 will be combined and redistributed into a new 1 & 2 Mercian - If you need any other info PM me and I'll shall speak to the grown ups here to try and answer your questions.

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