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3 Mercian will do one more turn of Afghan then in Aug 14 will be part of the Mercian Regiment Reorganisation. Currently 1 and 2 Mercian are light role whilst 3 Mercian is Armoured Infantry but it is the Warrior Vehicle that sets 3 Mercian apart. The A2020 construct replaces Armoured Brigades with Armoured Infantry Brigades putting Armoured Infantry qualifications and experience at a premium. With their strong performance in BATUS before Christmas and their unique skill set in Armour you will be well placed. They are also a good bunch of lads and Germany brings its own attractions :cool:

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I have my intake on the 26th and my battalion of choice is 3 Mercian. Would like to be armoured infantry, and yes, Germany would be pretty awesome!!
I start on the 26th too. I was wanting 1 Mercian more but 2 Mercian are getting moved very close to where all my family live so I might put them as my first preference (not like it makes a difference anyway haha).
Post tour there won't be much time left in Germany for 3 Mercian - we'll be boxing up and fooking off back to UK.

1, 2 & 3 will be combined and redistributed into a new 1 & 2 Mercian - If you need any other info PM me and I'll shall speak to the grown ups here to try and answer your questions.
So it wouldn't really make sence for me to join 3 Mercian since I only pass out in December. Was looking forward to join them but I suppose you can't always get what you want.
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