3 Med Reg posting.

Just been told I'm posted to 3 med regt, Gaza barracks Catterick (but no posting order yet) as a MO.
Ill be applying for SFA which areas to you recommend, any street names so that I know roughly would to expect.?

Is it possible to apply for SFA without the posting order? I know where I'm going and when.

Anywhere on Allenby Estate is good, Badgerbeck is good and Belton Park. All 3 are decent sized and fairly new. Baden-Powell should be avoided, it is a dump, run down and covered in litter, kids and junk everywhere. It backs onto a civvy estate and has had a recent spate of Burglaries.

Teesdale estate is quite tidy and the houses are ok, not new but decent, the same goes for the estate behind Shute Rd, can't remember it's name but includes Gaul Rd & Howard Rd. get onto Goodle Street View for a better idea.

What ever that Estate is called, it's opposite Gaza Bks

Thinking outside the box there are a number of new builds rented by the Army. About 10-15 in The Chase off Catterick Rd. 20 odd on Brough St Giles towards the Race course and about 30-40 in Darlington, again all new builds.
3 Med are being moving to Preston as a complete Regiment almost right after they cone back from tour! So I would check out the info with your desk officer as to your actual posting (meaning are you posted to the med cen under APHCS or are you posted to 3 Med Reg and working in the med cen because if so you may find your moving again a few weeks later to Preston) and then 5 med reg are moving in 2016/17 so that will be the end of medical regiments being based in Catterick. Hope this helps.

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CD05. Thanks for the post. As far as I'm aware, 3 med regt are due to move to Preston in 2014.
I await the posting order from Glasgow to find out the exact details of the posting.

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