3 Marines hurt in Afganistan


Get well soon lads.


Hurt? Fecking hurt?

Injured, wounded, etc is fine but "hurt" implies a broken fingernail or grazed knee.
Officials said the marines, who are all male, had received first aid at the scene before being evacuated by UK helicopter and are receiving medical treatment.

And this little gem.
My very best wishes to each of them for a full and speedy recovery and my thoughts are with their families.
The worst part is...

"As they moved from the area of the attack, several civilian vehicles began following them, including one which weaved in front of them in an attempt to block their progress," he said.

"Hand signals, flares and warning shots were used to keep the vehicles back so the British vehicles could leave the scene with the casualties.

"Despite this, some continued to approach and further shots had to be fired to disable the vehicles."
:evil: :evil: :evil:

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