3 Ltr Hydration pack, issued, manufactured by SOURCE

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by walt_of_the_walts, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. I need to change the bitevalve thingy on this item as it has jammed shut.

    Am I supposed to cut the tube or should the bitevalve just pull out from the PVC tube? Mine doesnt want to come out, certainly not without tearing the tube but the exact same issue one used by my mate just pulls out?

    Any advice gratefully received
  2. why not just exchange it with you friendly storeman...?
  3. twist then pull, twist then pull.

    Or exchange it for the guci camelbac variant.
  4. Mine leaks from the Bag spigot, it breaks my heart to watch all that whisky drip drip dripping away!
  5. I changed mine. Just pull the f*cker out and replaced with a nice Camelbak one. The original one pisses out when you put any pressure on it.
  6. I would just exchange it for a camelbak one,

    Camelbak should be the only hydration system being issued now.
  7. This is the only hydration unit worth considering...


    "Carlsberg don't manufacture Camelbaks but if they did, ythey would probably be the best Camelbaks in the world..."
  8. Cant change it. ACF. Not scaled for it.

    I suppose I can graft a camelbak bitevalve onto the end of it? N'est ce pas?
  9. Bone question, but wasn't the source hydration pack bought in to replace the camelback, as it was found to be too weak and not hygenic enough?
  10. I heard something similar. Apparently the inner surface of the bladder is easier to keep clean and more resistant to bacteria
  11. I thought that, as the green camelpaks were issued back in 2005 then i got issued a source one for herrick 2006.
    but now when i go on telic at the end of the year i've been issued with a desert camelpak,
    so i guess they have gone back to camelpak.
  12. Stick it in really hot water until the pipe softens enough to pull the valve thingy off. To graft new valve on, repeat process.

    Warning: don't use boiling water as this will either melt the pipe or make it brittle.
  13. Or burn your hands!!!!! ;D
  14. Clever idea. I'll try that tonight
  15. mine did the same, I assumed it was just that the end of the tube had expanded and now leaked, I took off the tube and cut off the first 25mm, pushed the tube back on and it formed a good seal.

    It has held up ok so far but it's only been used in anger for a couple of weeks since mondification.

    I did contemplate using some form of glue, any opinions on whether this would work, would it melt the plastic, would it pose a health hazard?