3 Lions? More like 11 bloody donkeys

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Jun 27, 2010.

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  1. Deutschland were all über us, and Rooney? Was he trying to win Spectator of the Match award?
  2. this implies to me anyway that 8 played well.

  3. Title duly amended Sir.
  4. Donkeys are very usefull and cuddly unlike that useless t**t Rooney
  5. OK I haven't watch any of the football, mainly because I find it dull and can't believe what they get paid, but is anyone surprised they lost? From what little I have read and heard they haven't played well in any of the matches so far, why was this match suppose to be any different?

  6. dont care finally get some real news on the telly, not the first time england beaten by a bunch of germans in S Africa
  7. tar very much and that's much more like it
  8. See the commentators still had to get a load of 66 references in.

    As Patrick Kelty said on Xfm this week football never came home it stopped once for a one night stand and hasn't called since seen better watching kids on a Saturday
  9. An utter disgrace. If John Terry, for one, ever plays for England again then I shall switch my support to the Irish.

    They would have got more heart and endevour from a team selected from the lower divisions. Probably as much skill too.
  10. Oh well, back to earning 150K a week in the Premiersh1t it is then
  11. They should donate their wages to charity as they have done bugger all to deserve them!
  12. I think I've established the problem.

    Cappello obviously went to the wrong stadium. He must have done.

    How else could he stand there and say his team played well. 8O

    Still, as Hanson said, England were lucky it was only four.


  13. Carthorses playing Racehorses, should have their salary docked, and Capello needs sacking without any payoff. Better still pass him the Mess Webley.
  14. I hate football so didn't watch it. Win or lose, knowing England are better than Scotland is enough for me.