3 Line Whip

Discussion in 'Officers' started by choff, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. Bored of idiots chipping in their tuppence worth.

    I asked about a rule, not about your opinion!
  2. Geek that I am, QRs Chapter 5 paragraph 717 is the only piece that comes close to covering this:

    "Guest and dining in nights. Regimental dinner nights, at which all members, less those formally excused, are to attend in uniform, are to be held not more than once a month. Guests will be at the discretion of the commanding officer."

    That's 12 x 3 line whips a year to my mind, but nicely spaced. There are only so many official functions that a Mess may bill the system for each month, so that may be what they were hinting at.

    Why all the enforced fun? Have your Unit just returned from Ops, or are you about to deploy? A polite word from the senior living in member to the PMC (or even the adjt to the CO) could ease the burden if there is a good reason (subbies road trip, girlfriends/boyfriends about to chuck you all, forgotten what your families look like etc).

    If you just can't be arrsed to tip up for an event that someone has invested a good deal of time and effort into organising and running and would rather sit in your room hung over and watching the latest Lost box set (for example) then I would suggest that you will get very short shrift. This will also be the case if the Unit has a specific reason behind the silly season. Hang in there, or bring any suitable friends/fillies to the 3 liner (subject to approval). They can't say that you're not displaying solidarity, and there may still be the opportunity to pop outside the wire for a late supper.

    Chin up, there are few jobs that require you to get pissed quite as often as ours!
  3. I didn't realise you had a social life in your line of work?? :)
  4. Man the fcuk up and turn up to the dos.

    If you don't like it resign.
  5. Amen to that Frogster. If you really can't hack it then by all means leave and go and find a job that has a Union. :cry:

    If, however, you have a specific (and genuine) reason for missing a particular function then, in my experience, most sensible Regts will apply a degree of common sense.
  6. I'll guess that the same complaints wont be levelled towards the rather cheap summer and winter balls, or the Adventure Training and sport that is thrown in to the equation.
  7. Agree with ChocolateFrog. We are not in a 9 to 5 job. Being an officer has priviledges and responsibilities and one of those is doing stuff in the Mess. As one of the posters said, if you don't like it then you can always go. Sorry to appear unsympathetic but being a mess member and 'having' to attend evening functions is no hardship.
  8. Indeed, whf, as a member of the 'proper' :wink: mess, I look forward to all the 3 line whips :D

    Lets hope we have one tomorrow for those lucky (and of course deserved) individuals who make it in there.
  9. Andy Cap,

    I was regaling people with comments ref your dagger qual and a young OCdt that mistook it for a cookery qual ;)

    Frog and Aardvark,

    I'm sorry, at what point did I ask you for your personal opinion? Do not assume you know anything about my personal circumstances. I asked a simple question and would have appreciated a simple answer. Failing that I required you to keep it shtum!

    I have been in this job plenty long enough to know when i need to 'man up' and when I need to query things thanks!!!!!!

    Back at RD, cheers bud....... didn't think it existed but thought I would check it out... best keep my head under the parapet I think.
  10. {**** retentive) ‘whip’ originates from the ‘whippers-in’ – people who keep the hounds in order at hunting meets. RSM's are disciplinarians, controlling the pack of soldiers in their Mess :D . Whip’ also refers to a document sent out weekly to MPs detailing the business of the House. Items are underlined once, twice or three times to indicate their importance to leadership. When a ‘three-line’ whip is issued, the leadership/The Badge is letting MPs/Mess members know that it expects them all to turn up. Three Line Whip is a notice, underlined three times for emphasis, requiring people to attend {**** retentive)
  11. Still the cheeky bugger then!

    But in anser to your question, we have a couple of 3-liners, but after speaking to the PMC mangaed to get myself off them as i have other plans (family and other mess functions).

    Speak to the PMC as already mentioned, as long as they are onside, no problemo, or just get the bat out: :threaten: :threaten:
  12. failing to attend a 3 line whip and voting the correct way (in parliment) can lead to various sanctions being dealt out by the party you belong to... up to and inlcuding expulsion. It is basically a way to force the MPs to vote as per Party instructions. A very good reason given to the WHip (normally a CS type) can get you excused from the house. similar to giving a good excuse for missing a mess do.

    Choff, you posted on a public forum, hence the public have informed you of their opinions.

    So dry your eyes princess, and turn up to your three line whips... mummy will realise her little soldier can't make it back every week end soon enough.

    So your social woes will soon be over, and your calender empty.

    Failing that volunteer for ROO.
  13. IIRC members and wives can also expect to sit all night without a wazz, , without coughing, sneezing or dribbling, until the Headshed leaves the table at dinners, or the Mess, at functions. Least us chaps can hang a line into a wine bottle. (I aint joking either). For the leaky ladies, here's a helpful solution aside from sneaky Kegeling

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  14. Once again Frog,

    When I want your opinion I will knock.

    Much as I appreciate the application of ye olde sweat style patronising comments, you might want to save them for someone who is remotely impressed.

    I am well aware of my obligations and you are well aware of how much i value your opinion on this matter. If I wanted to lay myself open for sarcasm and condescending comments, I would have posted in the Naafi Bar thanks!

    I wondered if the dit I heard was true.... it's not.... and tha is all there is to it!
  15. I was asking a valid question before I decided whether to take it to someone or not.

    Say whatever you like VG, it is after all your perogative.