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3-in-1 winter jackets


Book Reviewer
My Sprayway 3-in-1 - i.e. a jacket that is a waterproof shell with a zip-in fleece - is finally dying.

I’ve been online and it seems that no-one is doing decent ones any more. Mountain Equipment is all just shells, as is Sprayway. I’m not a fan of Berghaus any more, as I think the quality is suspect.

Has anyone any recommendations? I’m happy with either a shorter jacket or a longer mountain fit.


Book Reviewer
I've never seen the point of the 3-in-1 jacket gimmick.

Decent shell over any fleece in the autumn, or over a lightweight down jacket in the winter and Bob's your mother's brother.


Years ago everyone did 3 in 1 jackets but then demand fell off so they pretty much stopped being made. As Dan Gleebles says, just put a shell over a fleece and you're sorted.
Country Innovation do some decent Ventile jackets. I have one of their Rover jackets picked up 2nd hand for £100. Its a shell jacket, with loads of pockets, wired hood, double zip that takes either their own fleece or my old Berghaus one.

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