3 ideas to bolster the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by delivering_capability, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. Let's assume you are CinC LF and it is up to you to come up with some pretty good ideas sharpish to "bolster the TA to make it even more effective than it already is". What would be your top 3? Here are mine

    1) Smart ideas to improve YO recruitment and retention. Target a crunchy, exciting 'offer' at the significant and growing unemployed graduate population that gets more YOs through the door. Incentivise them with money and better opportunities to integrate with the regulars, women, I dont know. Most ex-UOTC folk I know have gone into the ranks as YO training is convuluted and impossible if you have any kind of career, and filling out paperwork is not the way most want to spend their spare time. I dont think that this is exclusive to the TA actually, a lot of the regular Lts/Capts that I speak to are on their way out or planning on handing their kit in after their tp/platoon command appointment on operations. The idea of commanding a desk is simply not attractive to them. Take away the opportunity to command on operations and you can see why there are not enough TA YOs coming in through the door. Improve the number commissioned from the ranks - I dont mean as LEs. Some may want to take a commission a couple of years after settling into a unit. We tend to typecast people as 'soldier' or 'officer' far too quickly in the TA, which is idiotic as we have a fair proportion of ORs that could do the job.

    2) "Upgrade" SNCO and WO leadership - It is generally accepted that the TA junior ranks have done and are doing a good job on operations. However, there have been a number of threads on here recently that are less than complimentary about some seniors and WOs. How about getting them to earn their rank by attending a CLM 'refresher' weekend every year which contributes towards bounty or, even better, sees them kicked out if they fail? Production of biff chit = instant fail. Plenty of overweight seniors I have met seem to like to beast juniors around JNCO/PNCO cadres from the back of a land rover. Why not give them a taste of their own medicine but have the regulars run the courses with the pass/fail criteria being "would I want this SNCO/WO commanding my soldiers on operations?". PICK UP THE LOG. This should thin a few of them out and make room for rapid promotion up the ranks for true talent.

    3) Bring TA training and administration into the 21st century. ArmyNet email has gone a long way to improving communications. How about hosting JPA on there? Not everyone lives 5 minutes from the TAC and can access DII. Then, seriously consider administering more courses through distance learning modules (and MTDs to support) with a short 'capstone' test weekend. Industry does it, why must the Army always be 10 years behind? Invest in train the trainer packages and IT for simulation systems such as VBS2 to make drill nights more fun, exciting and worthwhile. It's not difficult to set up and requires a few laptops, headsets and network cables. Bingo - small team trainer for green skills, C-IED, call for fire, whatever. Learn in a synthetic environment, test in the live environment on the weekend. The US is embracing this big style, the NG have a load of synthetic trainers of their own - again we are behind the drag curve. The beauty is that it is all achievable in a couple of hours on a Tuesday night.
  2. Good heavens is that the time?
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  3. One started in Sigs a few years back, loads of corps info, insights into how bde was working, new trends, etc. It was continuation training at a level that could be justified ...... I think it turned into a piss up weekend very quickly..... ho hum
  4. Leadership

    (In that order. At every level)
  5. Buzz word bingo? Awesome!


    Nope can't be arrsed to explain either.
  6. Full scale of weapons like a regular company.

    More overseas training.

    Getting rid of the broken and old.

    My three cents.
  7. Rhythm
  8. Get a life
  9. Soft toilet rolls
    A nice cushion
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    A bit of devil's advocate on the first two, but worth thinking about. In a land of finite resources (which is where we are) is it better to spend money on doing the basics well, and getting maximum VFM and value for time by training locally or having loads of shiney kit in the armoury that you don't use and spending a fortune and 3 days of your camp travelling to/from an overseas destination just for the R&R?
  11. I like idea 2, However our regular sister Regt only want juniors on tour so what are we seniors supposed to do? All our CO wants to do is phys phys and phys so drill night training is just that, phys. Blokes are fed up with it and voting with thier feet, yes this shows a lack of commitment but if its just circuits followed by a mile an 'arf i'm not suprised the lads are threaders with it.
  12. On the weapons I'm not talking stuff like shotgun and the sig sauer, but GPMG and LMG and furthermore some of the weapons platoons in my battalion are missing some of there kit javelin,81mm etc. And to cut the training times when some blokes hit battalion when on tour.

    On overseas travel fair enough the training is good wherever. But purely as a recruiting and retention I was attached to a regular battalion for three months for a overseas exercise It was deffinetley the highlight of my TA career.
  13. I didn't think stabs do Javelin anymore?

    TA don't need FULL scales, but the odd sig, shot gun, GPMG and LMG in the coy would assist in training... say three of each.

    My second installment of three ideas...

  14. One idea to bolster the TA is to stop recruiting fat people and make it a level playing field and target normal weight people as well.
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  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Overseas trips must add something to make up for the cost/loss of time. Cross training/maintaining links with other allies (esp USA), access to assets not available in the UK, arduous terrain, - all good reasons. Going abroad just to say you have been abroad but doing pretty much what you would otherwise have done in the UK (apart from a few nights on the sauce spending different currency) is not so great.