3 German Soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Recce19 said:
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RIP. You may be German, but you are fellow soldiers.
This is Very Sad reading...

I remember getting a call to a German Tank Transporter that had gone off the road into a suspected mined area towards Gornji Vakuf, Bosnia, our team got there fairly quickly as we were in the Precision Factory at the time, recovered said transporter & tank and the crews kit and weapons from around the vehicle just in time for the German EOD lads tipping up. They were cheesed off to say the least but they turned out to be a great bunch, one of them cut his Cobra wrapped around a FAB 250 Bomb Cloth Patch and handed it to me sayiong that is their tradition if beat at something! not to be undermined we paid the same respect with our tiny badges!

RIP lads...
RC-N has been getting hotter and hotter in the past few months; the closer we'll get to the elections in DEU, the more targeted the DEU ISAF contingent will be.

VanHelsing said:
Ruhe in Frieden
Traurig, traurig in der Tat.

Vielleicht: "Ruhet in Frieden", weil es deren drei an der Zahl waren?

Gleich dessen, wir werden eurer stets gedenken, Kameraden!

Irgendwas stimmt wahrhaftig nicht mit der Welt, wenn trauernde Mütter und Väter ihre gefallenen Söhne zu Grabe tragen müssen.

Considering the way their hands are tied by their government I have little doubt there is quite a bit more to this story that certainly involves being in a combat zone with an absurdly restrictive ROE. Rest in peace...
RIP guys. A sad day for your families, friends, countrymen and your comrades in arms. :cry:
just_me said:
As a fellow German: Rest in Peace.
Ein grosse Schande.
Bist also auch ein "Kistenkopp"? Hätte ich nicht gedacht. Dennoch bin ich voll deiner Meinung, Kamerad: Wahrhaftig eine Riesenschande.

Wie kann's bloß zu derartigen politischen Fehlgriffen kommen im Bezug auf Auslandseinsätze? Unerfahrenheit? Tölpelhaftigkeit (hoffentlich nicht), Besserwisser? Keine Ahnung.

Die armen Truppen!


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