3 German soldiers killed in Afganistan..

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by bigjarofwasps, May 23, 2007.

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  1. I`m sure your all aware of the sad news, about the 3 German soldeirs, being killed in Action, in Afganistan recently.

    I`m curious, but does anyone know if these are the first German soldiers to be killed in action since World War Two?

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  2. Biped

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  3. I think others have been killed in Afghanistan already, but I'm not sure. If that's the case, then no.

  5. RIP

    I've no doubt the Bundeswehr lads are all too eager to get stuck in, whether their government can overcome the sensitivity about making war on ethnics is another matter.
  6. Had the privilege of working closely with the Bundeswehr a few years ago which was only spoilt by my insistence on wearing my S10 in the shower block (Just in Case!)

    The troops were very, very professional and a good laugh on the lash and I have no doubt they would wish to partake in a more robust manner that their political masters will let them.

    RIP to our fallen German colleagues.
  7. I wonder if his mates were allowed to sing the old "I once had a Comrade" song at the ramp? It predates Adolf and is a hauntingly good tune.
  8. The Bundeswehr lads would indeed like to do a lot more, smartascarrots. But it's not the sensitivity of the Kraut gobment that has to be overcome; it's the German Constitution (Grundgesetz)

    There was a very moving video on the "Spiegel" website showing the ceremony as they were returned to Germany. Very moving indeed.

    Ruhet in Frieden, Kameraden. Wir werden eurer gedenken.

  9. RIP

    Germans are good professional soldiers, only the East German army can do what it says on the tin compared to other warsaw pact forces, 'nuff said,
    isn't the Iron Cross only awarded in Combat ? if so then this theatre may be first occasion since WW2 and well deserved I say.
  10. RIP, lads.
  11. Lyrics here.

    A lovely song, but it provided the background music to Goebbels announcement that Hitler had shot himself, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was frowned on in the military. Damn'd shame, a beautiful tune and a very moving sentiment.
  12. RIP, my thoughts are with all your families.