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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Mutt, Apr 3, 2006.

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  1. Just a quick question. When do 3 Flt train? Basically, I'm in CEUOTC, exploring the TASO route, and generally trying to understand the options available to me. I've tried the internet, ArmyNet and the search function to no avail, can't find anything of any use. Any help/advice would be massively helpful and greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  2. We dont train as such, we just go on nice saunters around the countryside.
  3. Contact 7 Regt RHQ and they should give you the number. You will either speak to the 2ic or the AO. If no joy from RHQ pm me and i will pass on the info to you.
  4. Much appreciated, I'll have a go at that tomorrow!
  5. is that poopong mc plop the groundie ?
  6. Why yes apart from other thing's ie: orifice baggage handler, teaboy, window licker sorry window cleaner.
  7. same as usual up there then, do you have any more groundies ?
  8. Nope just me, trying to convince them we should get another.
  9. Nightmare!! we are recruiting down in Netheravon if anyone wants to join
  10. How many groundies are you established for up there ?

    Currently doing 237 miles e/w to Nethers for trg. Mind you, there is a decent train service that goes North of the Border Reivers....
  11. Paperwork says 1SGT, 2 CPLs, 4 ATPRs, but Netheravon uses most of our allocated manpower me thinks, never really read the paperwork. Max number of bods on the groud has been 3, but we could always use a good hand.Problem is there is just not enough work for shed loads of groundies.
  12. Joking aside, I'm almost equidistant from Leuchars and Nethers by time (given that there is a good train service). I'll go through the CoC and ask if I can come up one weekend, if that's all right.
  13. Poopong............or................Slobodan MacDermovich (Scourge of the Burrow, Wanted by the UN tribunal in the Hague for the mindless slaughter of literally tens of baby rabbits?)

    The truth is out there........... :wink:
  14. Stop dripping Slobodan and get my bag on the wagon! And while you're there - white, one sugar.
  15. Yeah, and my bag. Ready for NBC this year?