3 Final Choices

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Done my English test, maths test and BARB test (scoring 81)
open to many jobs.
The 3 I want to do are:

*Infantry soldier
*Operator Millitary Intelligence
*REME (Armourer or Recovery mechanic)

I dont want debates swaying off topic please, i want simple but important info, dont send me armyjobs website links ive seen them all...
i want info if you know specifics or serve in one of them.

things like-

What do they as daily routine?

What are the chances of promotion?

Is it a good job to make a long career from?

How easy is it to transfer out if you struggle or dont like it?

What kind of lifestyle (people, characteristics, personality, reputation)

How much sport do they play? do they have good teams?

Do they do alot of trainign abroad etc?

Why is it a good place to be, why is it better, why should I choose it???

please people who know FACTS and have good advice, perhaps people in the areas can persuade me.. thanks alot for good info.

ONLY if you serve in one of these.....
PM me maybe telling me what you do on an average day, previous experiences, advise whats good/bad about being in that area...
thanks a million.
Not open for further replies.

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