3 fat blokes on the west highland way for charity...

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Rincewind, Dec 5, 2005.

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  1. Guys and frocks....

    help me please!

    ok some of you know me, some of you know of me.

    i am putting together a sponsored hike along the west highland way (95 miles of jockanese landscape) and hoping to get sponsorship so we can continue to change chavs into normal people.

    theres 5 of us doing it - 3 of us are fat blokes (me, an ex donkey walloper, and a parent turned commanding officer) then a just turned 18 ex chav and the donkey wallopers bread knife (theres no hope i know)

    what i am struggling with is food.

    i need donations of Ration packs.... any kind welcomed.... (rehydrate/Boil in bag/tinned - dont care) as otherwise the project is dead in the water before it gets legs.

    everything else were just about covered (although any one got a spare bivvy bag / first aid kit or any thing else they could donate) and we are covering the fuel costs and campsite fees out of our own sky rockets.

    so come on - dig deep and donate some kit / ration packs (i wont ask where or how they came to be in your possession)

    if it makes a difference - all 3 of us blokes are sick/lame/lazy (me and donkey walloper both MD'd from army with knees and CO is recovering from broken ankle and is 50+ too) - what can i say? we like a challenge.

    (We'd like a challenger more)

    PM me if you can help

    the target is 30 Rat Packs but every single one is a step (5 people x 6 days)
  2. *punt*
  3. can't help with ratpacks, but i've a bivvi bag and various bits of civvie walking/climbing kit i can lend you and i might be able to help with some loggie spt - i live in glasgow.

    you could try getting hold of a dehydrator (£40 or so on fleabay) it turns proper food in pot noodles - but with little things like taste and nutrician added in - and makes lugging the kit around dead easy.
  4. could be very useful...

    were trying to get transit digs at faslane or a night in the RSR if Faslane can't help (our affiliated warship is HMS Victorious), might ask you for a ride from glasgow to faslane/helenburgh and back again in the morning...

    would be a massive help if the RN turn us donw with Duty Driver support.

  5. *Punt*

    update - the 18 year old ex chav has declined - he realised he will be in the Royal Navy by then.

    So less Rat Packs needed (24 now)

    or - space for another mong! you up for it? do you have a sence of humour and some time to spare?

  6. There is a Royal Marine Hostel in Kinlochleven which should be your last stop before Fortwilliam. Phone up before hand and you should be able to get a night in there, otherwise you will be cold. You could also go into the Tail Race Inn while you are in Kinlochleven as well.
    Lots of Pubs on the way, sure this is not just an excuse for a pub crawl.....? :)
  7. Good intel mate - didnt know there were any pubs on the way - assumed it was like "rural" and sh1t

    dont suppose you have a number for the RM hostel?

  8. Keep your Challey and your chav out of my turf Rincey
  9. not been to the RM gaff in kinlochleven, but theres an excellent cafe in the village opposite the ALCAN/TI office. the fabulous haggis they serve produced an outbreak of flatulance so awful that my wife ran screaming from the en-suite.

    theres quite a bit of accomdation en-route, the only real gap is between bridge of orchy and the kingshouse hotel.

    i might be able to get along, depends on when really.
  10. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    When I did the WHW I managed a pint in a pub/hotel every night, only way to do it. :lol:
  11. Live in the area of the first part of the WHW,couple of good pubs to get some beers and food are-The Beech Tree Inn in Dumgoyne and the Oak Tree Inn at Balmaha,failing that just stock up in Tescos in Milngavie!
    Good luck and hope the weather holds out,bloody awful today.
  12. Thanks guys. am really looking forward to it, come jan 06 will begin training and can honstly say this will be the most difficult thing i will have tried in a long time.

    Oh and fish head - stop moaning, you are only fed up cos you got UDIs last time we met, you drunken frisp

  13. Are you mad Mr Rincewind? If my decrepit old memory serves me right there's a pub every 13 miles on that particular route - and why are you using camp sites? A nice little 2 or 3 man tent is what you need (especially if you're having them moved around by support vehicle) - there's plenty of land for you to pitch up for the night. So you get up, after a brisk brekkers hit the trail, 13 miles later enter hospitable hostelry - a pint and a bowl of soup - hit the road again - in 13 miles pitch up on the banks of some stream - walk the hundred metres to the pub and have you evening meal and lots of pints. Spend all night getting out of your sack to have a p1sh into aforementioned stream and contemplate those p1nts you wish you hadn't drunk whilst looking forward to drinking more that evening.

    You don't say how quickly you intend doing this and in what direction. I've done it 3 times - twice from the south and once from the north - I defy you to say there's a more beautiful part of the planet after your travels. The whole length of Loch Lomond, Glencoe/The Devils Staircase, Rannoch Moor and finish under Ben Nevis - oh, I how wish I was there now.

    Click here for more info West Highland Way
  14. heading north, spent holidays up in ayr and helenburgh so familiar with the terrain on the 1st day...

    plan to do in 5 with day six as a backup. were all unfit, i myself am 30% disabled and am not alone in the "challenged" catagory

    were each taking all our own kit, 3 of the 4 of us are EL instructors in the Sea Cadet Corps so not adverse to crashing in single man tents.

    basically an ambition i have had since the quacks told me my knees will get worse and worse until a wheel chair will be my main form of transport, so i am determined to drag my fat arrse over the WHW, then i fancy a crack at the March of Death, and Nijmegen. then you can fit me up for the self propelled bint repeller.

  15. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I am familiar with the whole route.
    Did it with my, then, 6 year old granddaughter & know the route from having done other stupid things on the hills around the area.
    How many days do you intend to take?